Nimbus 26" muni

anyone have this?

i just ordered it with 165mm kh cranks. planning on doing some maybe 5foot max drops on it…i’m assuming it can handle it right? i’ll write a review on it once i get it and break it in :smiley:

I have the 24" orange frame and 2 of my mates have the nimbus 26". I can say they are strong and should last.

PS. you like your Nimbus’s dont you?

I’ve got one. It’s a beast and I love it. I rip down our mountains on it and it’s soooo fast!:smiley:

I’ve got KH 150s on mine and while I’ve only done about 4 foot drops so far (I want to do bigger north shore drops in the summer) it’s fine.

26ers are the best! You’ll love it.

awesome. yeah i really like nimbus.

i wanna try some trials with it :stuck_out_tongue:

I just ordered the same thing except all black. I got the 137/165 cranks, hoping for cruising xc on the 137, and doing more technical on the 165. I also have the nimbus trials and am happy with it.

I think 150’s would be a better just for all round or 125/150’s would be good.

24"=cool people
26"=people that want a 29" but can’t afford it :smiley: (haha)
awaiting flames

Mike Parenteau, KH rider and front flipper isn’t cool?;):stuck_out_tongue:

[SIZE=“2”]I know you were kidding but whatever : p[/SIZE]


damn, i’m so pumped. i can’t wait for this thing. those vids make me want it eveeeeeeeen more. LOL, yesterday i was contemplating driving 6 hours to and back, but it would not be worth it lol. ill take the free shipping :smiley:


funny you say that. i wanted a strong off road 29er…and after some reading, i saw many people were saying the 26 is basically like a 29. that’s why i got it, and yeah i like the fat tires.

I’ve been riding one of those with 150/125 cranks for 4 months now. Love it to bits! It’s plenty fast offroad. The Duro 26x3 is not all that smaller than a 29" tyre, but it’s a LOT heavier- you’ll definitely notice its weight going uphill.

yeah with the 165’s it should be no problem…

i also have a spare pair of kh 125’s, im going to put those on sometimes to really get going fast on the local trail.

Ditto. I love my 26 but am building up a 29 now that I figured out how to make a nice wide tire for it.

A 26 with a 3" Gazz or Duro really is a beastly uni. Heavy as anything out there but it just ignores the smaller lumps and bumps.

I have one too… Love it. I got mine with 165’s, they were too long for me. I put moment 150’s on it and like it much better.

Lol yea I was I want a KH 26" but can’t afford it.

But yea its a funny stroy as to way I said that as well and if my mate were on the fourms he would say otherwise lol.

dang, according to ups the box weighs 34 lbs. must def. be a beast, lol

Must be one heavy box :smiley:
But yeah, it is a beast. Even more so because it’s orange.

Actual weight is about half that. It is just an oversized box and ups is charging what they would if it was a small box that weighs 34 lbs.

My friend has a 26’’ Nimbus Muni and it’s a really good Muni. If you get the moments with it’ll be one really strong muni! It’s heavy but I think it’s worth it:)

I’ve had two Nimbus 26 munis, one older one with square taper hub and pressed bearing holders and now a new one with ISIS and machined bearing holders. I had no complaints about the old one, but the new one is WAY better - the whole thing feels much stiffer. It’s quite heavy, but then so is every other 3" muni - a KH frame is a bit lighter, but you’ve still got that heavy tyre. I’ve got moments on mine, but mostly because I think they look good - TBH they’re way overkill for how I ride.

Some people say they hit their knees on the crown of Nimbus frames, and it does stick out more than the KH design, but I’ve never had a problem with that. I think it varies a lot with riding style and perhaps rider height.

I don’t think you’d regret buying one.