Nimbus 26 muni review

So I got my new 26 nimbus on friday. I had everything stock except for moments. Compared to my torker LX 20, it was a monster. :astonished: The tire was gigantic. After a few minutes of assembly, I took it out for a spin. I could get pretty fast but couldn’t hop as far. IT WAS HEAVY!!! but still luv it. I’ll try to post pics soon :smiley: oh and I tried a couple 2 feet drops. nothing broke.

I got a Nimbus 26 a couple years back. Have had problems with the cranks, but think I heard they switched to the ISIS. Which is yours? I ended up putting shorter cranks on mine for speed and just recently switched out the rugged #3" tire for a street 2.125 tire since I’m mostly riding on the street now-a-days. Really like the tire switch and the shorter cranks let me really cruise. Gives the dog a good workout (that’s how I walk her) at an avg. of 7 mph; max 11 mph so far. Just getting back into it after knee surgery earlier this year.


All of the new ones are ISIS, and if you make the upgrade to kh cranks, they’re pretty bombproof. I have one with a wheel i built, and i decided to try the new nimbus ventures instead of the moments i would usually get. So far i have ridden them hard and not damaged them, but i still prefer the feel of the moments.
If you’re a beginner, ride mostly xc or just don’t have the coin to throw down on moments, then the ventures are a decent option.

I have the 26 too, it is heavy. I’ve got to believe a lot of that is the tire, it’s a beast. I wonder how it would be with a smaller tire? I think the 26x3 is overkill for me, I use it more for xc riding.

That’s how I felt, so got a 2.125" road tire. Love it…makes a world of difference.


hey, but wouldn’t the smaller tire take smaller drops?

Likely. But for me – having undergone knee surgery no so long ago – not doing too many big drops. :smiley: Anyway, I’m more into cruising on the roadway.


It’s funny, one reason I choose the 26 was because of all the tire choices, know I’m thinking of getting a lighter narrower tire and I can’t decide because of all the choices, Doh!

Walk into a bike shop, tell them what you want in a tire and let them suggest something. Assuming they are actually avid bikers and have experience with the products they are selling you should get a good recommendation.

Well after a few months of riding my Nimbus 26 muni I switched cranks from the 165’s to 150’s. The 165’s always made it feel like my legs were moving too much. Just got back from a small local trail that I ride many times a week with a few steep sections that I’ve been working on getting all the way up without stopping. With the 150’s I made it! Glad I switched, glad I tried the 165’s also. It’s finally getting nice and dialed in. I really like the 26er and am still very happy with my choice. The more I ride it, the more I like it.

I took it to the area where I practice rolling hops on my smaller uni’s. I had no problem hopping on the 26. So while it feels a bit heavy, I think most of that comes from the tire and I think a lot of it is just perception from the rolling weight.

So I’m giving it two thumbs up, and my only complaint is the seat. I should have had it swapped out for a kh freeride, but that will be easily fixed.

I had the same experience switching from 150s to 137s on my 24. The ability to spin turned out to help me on both climbs and descents by smoothing out my pedaling. Stuff I wasn’t able to climb on the 150s I got up on the 137s by carrying speed through steep sections.

Hi every one. im getting a muni for my birthday.
i will be doing down hill and muni mostely and some traveling to work.
just wondering if the bigger wheel on the 26 will restrict my tech muni riding? and curious wich is better for travel? wats the speed difference?


Hey Boffy, this is supposed to be a review section.

Try search, you’ll find plenty of info on pros and cons of 26" muni

There are lots of tire choices, but depending on your weight and needs, you can’t always trust the bike shops, they are more familiar with riding two wheels. Check out the muni tire review, there’s some good stuff there.

In practice, a DH tire will have a stiffer sidewall, XC or standard MTB tires have a lighter sidewall and wil flex a lot if you run tire pressure and will also tend to be a lot less forgiving when hopping.

i was thinking about getting this uni till i found out it was 17 pounds =O
i do both muni and street so i didnt want something so heavy!
im thinking now about just buying a kh frame, with a new rim and hub, using my old cranks and pedals, and just buyin a tire from a local shop, and it’ll add up to a bit more expensive than what this bike would’ve been =D

You could save some weight by going to a smaller tire but the advantage is that it rolls over more trail bumps and rides smoother than the equivalent 24". Once you get used to the size / weight you won’t notice it.
I love my Nimbus 26er.

17lbs isn’t so bad considering the tire itself weighs 4 lbs. Swap out the tire and tube and I bet the Nimbus would weigh within a pound of the weight of a KH26 with similar tire/tube.

What unicycle do you have now? Have you weighed it to see how heavy it really is?

My 26 used to be around 19lbs but is now about 14.5 after years of slowly swapping parts.

You could put a 24" tube in i guess, many people but 29" in 36ers

My 24" Muni is a tank, it must be around 18-19lbs, and I like it that way:) Seriously, I tried my friend’s muni which used to be the same setup as me but with a KH frame, and I like mine better, you just get used to it and like it that way it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometime it seems that folks don’t really know how much their gear weighs, so they see a number like 17# and think, wow, that’s heavy. Munis are heavy like a DH bike, it’s the way they are built and the tires they run.

Face it, tires weight a bunch if you run wide tread with two ply sidewalls (Duro 24/26 x 3), more so if you also run a DH tube. But here’s the thing: Muni is harder on tires that are narrow and snakebites are more likely with light tubes. So you pick your poison, big tire and easier riding OR smaller tire and harder riding with risk of flats.

Since most folks are running fat tires for muni, this is not the place to cut weight, since the benefits outweight the extra weight. Parts are where you can cut weight fastest, esp pedals (nylon), cranks (Nimbus or K1), hub (KH Ti).

Choosing an aluminum frame over a steel frame might save you 4-6 ounces and cost an extra $200.

Chosing a Ti hub over a conventional steel/alloy hub will save you 10-12oz and cost an extra $300.

I run Ti hubs and nylon pedals on my Surly 26 and KH 36
The Surly is a beast, no getting around the weight when you run a 65mm rim and 26 x 3 tire :slight_smile:

My KH 29 is pretty light, std set up, only thing special is the RR 2.4 which is pretty light.