Nimbus 24"

I was wondering if anyone has tried the new Nimbus 24" mountain unicycle because I am thinking about buying it.

I’d also like an opinion on the Nimbuses if anyone has any.

If you’re poor and just starting out in the MUni world, they are a great option.

They are perhaps the best bargain in the unicycle world right now.

But they aren’t perfect.

The cranks will bend as soon as you start doing any real drops, unless you’re a flyweight rider. Kooka cranks will allow you to do quite a lot more, but are sold out at the moment, and are expensive.

You might buy the Nimbus now, develop your skills avoiding the big drops, and start saving immediately for a KH hub and crank set, which you can have laced in later.

I concur. Elmer’s idea of starting with a Nimbus and later upgrading it with a KH hub/crank set looks like a decent option. You can buy the Nimbus for $189 and (later when you start bending your cranks) buy a KH wheelset for $259, totaling $448 (a KH24 is $449).
The advantages to doing it this way: lower entry price; for nearly the same final price you end up with nearly the same unicycle (exactly the same wheelset); you end up with two tires, tubes and rims (or you could likely save $ by buying only the hub & crank set (and spokes? - I’m not sure if the spokes are the same size or not)).

The main disadvantages: the Nimbus frame does not have brake mounts; the Nimbus frame has narrower tire clearance (lessoning the amount of mud you can ride through); you may have some down time with bent cranks; there may be a months long wait for a KH24 wheelset (at this time the KH wheelset is not available and has been unavailable for at least a few months! - parts availability may or may not improve in the future).

I’ve done some 3’ drops with my Nimbus and it’s still fine. But I’m only around 146 lbs. now. But it depends a lot on how you land the drops and jumps.

And, if you’re not into big drops, the nimbus will last a long time.

Mines been going through around three years of regular on, and off road riding; it’s in great condition and the cranks are as straight as the day I got it.

Drops, to me, look great, but I’ve no desire to get into them- the furthest I drop is a high curb.

I guess, as you’re a beginner, it’s impossible to predict what you’ll be doing in terms of drops in a couple of years, but I think it’s worth knowing that, apart from the drops restriction, the Nimbus is a fantastic machine and has some advantages compared to the splined unis (much better range of crank lengths, cheaper accessories, ease of maintainance).

another disadvantage: i find my knees bang the crown of the nimbus frame very easily when hopping. i think the crown of that frame is too wide.

iamthewaltrus: would you like to see and try a nimbus uni? PM me.