Nimbus 24

What is the difference between the orange Nimbus 24 and the black Nimbus 24. The orange cost $299 vs the black at $329.

They may have more of one color than another

The orange ones are faster, able to jump and hop further and also the best looking :smiley:

I think the black ones are on sale right now.

I’m not sure where you’re seeing these prices. On UDC ( the orange is listed at 340 and the black is on sale for 290. Maybe I’m missing something? :thinking:

He may of gotten it backwards

Hayneedle has the orange one on sale for 299.

Oh, didn’t look there.

At a glance, the black weighs one pound more than the orange. Like Knoxuni says, the orange are probably not selling as well as the black, so they’re priced lower so that more people will buy them.

well unicycling is my life…ok thanks for the responses. I am about to purchase my first uni. After much thought and a little research, I am going to get a Nimbus 24 to start my unicycling career. I have found both the orange and black on sale for $290 with a small shipping fee. I will repost in the near future as I begin my new midlife crisis adventure. Later fellow uni’s…Gtown Reb

PS My wife just stares at me and my kids just shake their heads.

It does not get any better.

Have fun!

Good choice of uni, pics when ya get it?

Remember, UDC (unicycle dot com) gives free shipping on orders over $300 so if you order something for $290 you can get an extra $10 worth of stuff for free.

I ordered a $10 gift certificate. Got the free shipping and now have $10 to spend when I need something.

There you go, that’s using your head! :sunglasses:

You should tell them that unicycling is a very good midlife crisis. It is far cheaper than a red Corvette or a 25 yo mistress. And if you like it, then you’ve found something fun that will keep you healthy.

Also tell them that it is better with company :slight_smile:

A red corvette does sound fun… But not as fun as flying down a 5 set on a 26


Ha! Let’s go!

The black one has a special paint that helps to avoid detection at night.