Nimbus 24” with 3” Duro leopard tire

Anyone ride this on hard pack snow or a few inches of powder? How about hard pack sand? This will be my first winter with this uni…I’m a newbie…also wondering how it might handle on the beach with hard pack sand…thanks

It does just fine. Run the pressure low, but not so much that it bottoms out or folds when you turn. I mean it should SQUISH when you hop on it a bit. Snow smooths out the terrain, so you should be OK. I found the 4" Nate tire to be my favorite in the winter, but I only tried a few. For hardpack, you’re perfectly fine on the 3" Duro. : ) If it’s soft pack stuff, you may want a little longer crank, but not so long that it gets stuck in the snow you’re pushing through. If you’re on the beach, give the soft sand a try. You have enough grip to get through soft sand if you keep moving, but it will require some effort and you’ll fish around a lot. Big tires handle the deep sand better, but don’t let that stop you from trying!

It can be physically very hard work but it’s doable.

Hi Donn323

It’s great fun, bit exhausting but great fun!
No worries about hurting yourself when you fall off so you can really go for it. See how far you can fly when you come off the front.
Don’t forget to clean the sand off afterwards.


Everyone…before deciding on my next uni I need to get the most bang for my buck out of this one to determine what type of riding I will be doing the most of …if money wasn’t an issue it wouldn’t matter…but…it is🤨

Hi Donna 32

You will definitely get your money’s worth with a Nimbus 24…I have quite a few munis, and my Nimbus 24 with Duro tire gets the most use. It’s perfect for the trails that I ride…nimble and easier to control than the bigger tires. I’m still fairly new at unicycling, but have a good grasp of it. haven’t had a chance to snow ride it yet, but it seems to do ok on the sandy parts of the trails I ride, though doesn’t float as well as my Nimbus Hatchet (that’s a totally different ride altogether).

I don’t get the chance very often now, but I used to ride regularly on a huge area of sand on the site of an old quarry. The 24" with the Duro Leopard would ride over compacted sand, or shallow sand over something harder. It would sink in deep soft dry sand. Most things will.

I have happy memories of riding it up a sandy stream bed once. The water was about 6 inches / 150 mm deep most of the way and flowing moderately fast. I had to keep moving to avoid sinking into the sand.

On another occasion, I rode down a slope with heavy surface run off causing rivulets in the sand. It was hard work but exhilarating.

13-15 psi

I’ve ridden my 24" nimbus w/3" tires on sand/gravel at about 13-15 psi. It grips vs. sliding around which then causes wobbling. Still you must be ready when you get stuck in a pocket of fine sand/powder.

There is a trick to maneuvering through loose stuff. Forget about a straight back. Forget about fully seated. Heavy pedal footing, crouching, lean forward, buck your hips, staccato rapid fire legs.

You will get a good workout.