Nimbus 24" Muni

This Is a very new Black Nimbus 24" Muni $280


The specs are the same as on except for a few upgrades:

Kris Holm Rim with nimbus hub
Kris Holm 150mm Cranks(2010)
Kris Holm Forged seat post/ original seat post included

I have hardly ridden this thing, in fact the original Duro tire has 90% tread left on it. I am only selling this because I have my eye on a KH29 and I really can’t afford both. I bought this unicycle in November 09 and have only been riding it barely once a week so it’s in very good condition.

Note: This uni does not come with the brake in the picture but does include the brake mounting hardware(magura mounts and Kris Holm seat adapter)


download (1).jpg

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