Nimbus 24" MUni?

I am tight on cash and am looking at buying this unicycle:

I am still a noob, so is it worth the money? What features would you suggest? I appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

I would definitely go for this muni. I would suggest KHfreeride seat for added comfort. Brakes are always nice too.I have several of these and one is my daily rider which has been taking a beating since x-mas with no problems and no end in site.

Thanks UnicycleAdventures! Would I need to upgrade the cranks? On my last unicycle the cranks striped and I am concerned about that happening again…

It comes with isis cranks, I think you will be fine. I ride mostly in the mountains on trails and no troubles. The orange one is a great looker with black cranks! It has a satin finish, really sharp.

I am surprised they don’t have a choice of a saddle upgrade. I would call them them up so they will swap out the saddle for a KH free ride.

Unless you are are pretty heavy or plan to lots of big drops, the stock cranks are fine. The Moments are good looking though, and likely stronger. UDC just came out with the Venture cranks recently and I haven’t read anything about them.

I would go for the powder coat, because it won’t rust on you, but some people like polishing chrome.

That model is about the best deal right now in a muni IMHO, unless the extra cost of a KH doesn’t phase you. It’s as strong as anything, and only a lb or so heavier than KH. An excellent choice.

I forgot to say brakes are for hilly places, in a flatish area they are of no use. Some folks like 165 cranks in the hills, but I would try 150’s first.

Feel The Light… YOUR AWESOME!! I really appreciate your help in helping me find a new unicycle. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

So, one last quick question. Is there an advantage with this one rather than going with the Torker DX?

Yeah, the Nimbus is better

Lighter, a standard crank size with a lot of options, vs the 100 $ orphan size on the dx. You can get a KH free ride for 15 $ extra (at least that’s what the upgrade costs at UDC Ca , which is a much better seat. Finally, the dx uses a special size bearing that costs 30 $/ pair. The larger (likely stronger) ISIS bearings of the Nimbus are only 8 $ each. And you get some choice with colors. Overall, there is no good reason to choose the dx, unless someone gave you a really good deal on a used one.