Nimbus 24" Muni with Berm Master 24x2.3" tire

When I went to replace the Duro wildlife leopard 24x3" with the Berm Master the tube seemed to bunch up. Do I need to get a new tube to use the Berm Master or is it ok that it is bunched up?
Thanks in advance!

it wont make any difference.
If anything, the tube is now more puncture resistant.

The only downside to a slightly larger(wider?) tube would be the extra rotational weight, which you probably don’t care about on a 24" MUni anyway.

I would not use the original Duro tube for this tire any more. that beast is far to heavy (around 400g) and also way to big for a 2.3" Tire. Its designed for 3" or bigger. Also the Duro tube is very stiff which causes a huge rasistance to rolling. It matches ok with the 3.0" wildlife (but I also removed it and went tubeless which is way lighter and rolls way better) but for a 2.3" tire thats simply too much rubber.

Take a Schwalbe SV10 or something similair.

I didn’t know you could get a Berm Master smaller than 24x3. If it really is a 2.3 I would not use the Duro tube. If it is like my tire the Duro should be fine in it. I used a Kenda DH tube in mine originally, but for at least a few years I have had a 26" MTB tube in it.

Are you sure it is a 2.3?

Yeah, I didn’t realize there were different sizes, but it is a 24x2.3 inch tire. So it looks like I need to go and get another tube. Is there anything in particular I need to look for when getting a tube? If the Schwalbe SV10 is there I will get that one but if it isn’t is there another one that will do?

Thanks for being such a supportive forum!

Hmm. That looks like it might be a different tire altogether. Is it a Felt tire? The Felt Berm Master that gets attention on this forum is a round profile cruiser tire that has a knobby tread like the old Carlisle Aggressor MX tires from the '70’s. The logo has a black and white checkered flag in it.

Look for a Schrader Valve (AV) or Dunlop Valve (DV). Sclaverand (SV) will be to narrow for the rim. And it should fit ETRTO 60-507 or at least 57-507.
You can also take tubes from other manufacturers. But I made the experience, that schwalbe tubes keep pressure longer than others. With my conti tubes I often have to reinflate.

He surely has the Duro Berm Master

Unfortunately, Eric is right I do have the duro berm master as opposed to the felt berm master. Does anyone have experience with the one from duro? Should I try and return it?

Does anyone know where I could order a felt berm master in California?
And should I consider the CST Cyclops since I am going to start mostly on the street before progressing to offroad? (could I use the 24x3 tube with it?)

here is a link to the one I was looking at:

[INDENT][/INDENT]You can buy the Berm Master directly from Felts website following this link. Also if you have a Felt dealer in your area you can pick one up there (although they may have to order it anyway). I bought mine from our local dealer who happens to stock it. The price was the same as the online price at Felt, $24.99.

The Cyclops is a great tire as well. I would consider both of them great for paved surfaces, but the Felt tire will give you a little better offroad capability. If you plan on having one tire to cover all terrain you can’t go wrong with the Berm Master.

As for the tube fit, I don’t know what Duro tube you have, so it’s hard to say. IF you have a tube that is 2.5 on the inside of it’s range it should be alright in the Cyclops.

The tube is a duro, 24x3.0 inches so I guess it wouldn’t work then.

The site you linked to won’t let me add it to my cart (so I can’t order it online) and there does not appear to be anywhere near me that stocks it. Is there another tire similar to the felt berm master? Right now I am thinking I will go with the cst cyclops and then see where I stand in a few months.

I hope that doesn’t mean it is being discontinued. Maybe they are just out of stock at the moment, and they are pushing customers to shops who have inventory on hand.

I honestly don’t know of another tire quite like the Berm Master. When I found it in the first place it had no reviews as a uni tire, and I took a chance on it.

The Cyclops is very much like the Hookworm. I think the rubber compound is a little harder, so not at sticky, but better wearing than a Hookworm. The construction is very similar though. While the tread pattern is different, the practical functionality is the same. For the price you really can’t go wrong with the Cyclops.

I decided to get a CST Cyclops and a tube that fits from niagara cycle.
I am going to be riding on the street a lot in the beginning and once I decide to start to going off road more, hopefully the FELT berm master will be in stock.

Thanks all for the help and advice.