Nimbus 24 muni w/brake

Orange color,137/165 double hole kh moments,hs33 brakes,rest of uni is stock,has your common scuffs on pedals and seat guards,but other than that she is mint.I want to finish my 29er project,so the 24 is for sale,will ship in us but buyer pays shipping.SERIOUS OFFERS considered.thankyou

Good description but I foresee “have any pics?” in your future ;D

the amazing psychic
John M

ok then

any pics?

must be worth 500+

i dont have pics,i was thinking maybe i would get an offer i cant refuse,thanks

pix will be important. From what you’ve said already it could be worth around $300, or it could be worth maybe $450.

If you buy a Nimbus 24 with dual hole moments it’s $350 new. Add a set of HS33’s and we’re somewhere around 400-450. Unless you are talking about the steel lines, and the spooner, then it could be worth 500-600. Then you need to devalue it since it’s not new, and isn’t coming from a retailer, but from an end user. Unicycles seem to hold their value better than a lot of things, but it still wouldn’t command a new price so I’m thinking that a resonable uese price would be somewhere between $250-500 depending. Photo’s will answer a lot of questions.


yes spooner lever,yes steel brake lines,but no one has made an offer so I will most likely just keep,im not gonna take a bath on this one

Seriously, I’m not in the market as I have a Nimbus 24 with KH moments, but I wouldn’t offer even $100 unless I saw a picture of the unicycle. I think the only way your going to get an offer is either emailing pictures to those who are serious or posting a picture or two. It’s only reasonable if you want a few hundred, no one who has any intelligence is going to put out that kind of money sight unseen. Sorry, just my opinion though.

i was hoping for someone local,then we could meet,they could ride it and then make an offer,but i do understand and will work on the pics

where are you located?

Well if your located near so-cal then I would be local. BTW I’m pretty interested.

Im seriously interested and would like pics. Please!!!

I will make an offer if their are pics.

in Southern California?

Is this still for sale?

no longer for sale

Im sorry no longer forsale,i will just keep,thanks for all the replies