Nimbus 24" Muni (Venom [purple/green] or Orange)

Okey dokey…

Still kind of trying to decide if I really want a 24, but let’s see what’s out there.

Last year, UDC US ran a custom Muni in a ‘Venom’ color scheme. I thought it was the cat’s pajamas, green frame with purple rim, but never pulled the trigger. If someone out there has got one and could part with it, I’d be very interested.

If not, I’d also be interested in an Orange one. In decent shape, with Duro tire. Has to have either 150 or 165mm cranks.


Anyone with one of these Venom editions?

If not, is there a decent Orange one out there?

Maybe build your own. Here is a nice start, plus it’s cheap!

I bought the purple one of these and it still came out to about $100 because of shipping from Canada. Just a heads up. :-/ Still cheaper than what it normally would have been though!

Another one!!! LOL You have the sickness too!!! :smiley: I think the only treatment is to feed it-----> more more more!!!.. :wink:

Excellent find! (Although it seems to me like Killian typically avoids alu.)

Any interest in a NOS Surly Cunondrum 24" black, Moment 150, Freeride saddle, KH Hub, seat post, Surly rim. I’ve been meaning to take a few photo’s. It is a beautiful unicycle in like new condition.

Those KH frames are pretty tight, but if it came down to building one, I’d just as soon get a stock Nimbus 24 from UDC and save myself the money. If I build it, I will go overboard.

Gear, that is very tempting, but I think I’m going to hold off for now.

I am also going to extend my search to a Woodgrain Torker DX.


haha well I sold one for extra cash, so I’m evening out my addiction. :slight_smile:

I was about to pull the trigger on this yesterday when I saw that it is out of stock. I wonder how long it’s been gone, or if your post inspired someone else to beat me to it.

After seeing your link I went through my parts inventory in my head and realized that I have everything to slap together a 24 MUni except a frame! Well, the 12 days of Xmas are coming…

Anyone? I’m about to just pull the trigger on a new one.