Nimbus 24" MUni Frame, seat post, clamp and saddle

Orange Nimbus 24" MUni frame in very good condition with Nimbus seat post clamp.
KH 25.4 seat post
KH Freeride saddle-older style, brand new condition and never used

$77 plus actual shipping from NC area code 28739.
I based this price approx. 50% of new cost. If you think it’s not a fair price, let me know.



would you be interesting by trading for some of the parts (or the whole set) ?

You can have a look at my parts here.

Sid =)

Thanks for the offer but I really don’t need anything you have listed.

Would you have an idea of how much shipping to 02476 ? (how heavy is the whole set ?)

According to my digital bathroom scale, it’s right at 5lbs. I’ll have to get it packaged up before I can quote shipping to your location, but maybe this will give you a rough idea.

It will make a package around 7 - 8lbs.

In my experience, UPS / FedEx tend to be cheaper than USPS for such big packages.

I sent packages in the past through UPS ground and it was about $17 (and a quick simulation gave slightly less for 7 lbs).

I forgot to mention that UPS ground (at least) is fairly consistent no matter how far you are shipping (more or less $1).

Shipping Info

Packaged weight is 7lbs
Size is 13"x24"x6"
Declared value $100

UPS Ground to area code 02476 is $16.21

I also have a brand new Impact double bolt seatpost clamp that is a vast improvement over the standard Nimbus or KH clamps. I can include it for an extra $5 and then you’ll have a good one and a back up.

The shipping is exactly what I got simulated :smiley:

I have a couple of expenses right now that prevent me from jumping in right away (hence the hope a complete or partial trade).

I will PM you as soon as I am able to make you an offer :slight_smile:

price reduced

$77 now includes shipping cost up to $17 which will likely cover most of the US.

pm sent


Thanks all.