Nimbus 24" muni, 200$

So I have decided to sell my trusty nimbus 24 to upgrade to a KH 29er. The muni is unchanged from when I bought it stock. It has been ridden hard but taken care of, other than one bent spoke and scratches on the frame it is undamaged. I have also cut down the seatpost about an inch. I can ship anywhere, buyer pays shipping. My price is 200$ maybe negotiable, please PM me if you want to make an offer or have any questions. Here are the specs:

Saddle: Nimbus Gel
S.P. Diameter: 25.4
S.P. Clamp Style: Double Bolt
Frame: Nimbus ll 24" orange
Rim: nimbus muni rim 24"
Tire: 24" Duro wildlife leopard
Hub: Nimbus ISIS CrMo hub 36 hole
Cranks: nimbus venture 150mm
Pedals: Nimbus dx pedals
Cycle Weight: 17 lbs

bump, I want this sold.

Anyone interested?



i would be interested in just the wheelset, no frame, cranks or tire so i can build a big street uni. i would pay $60 for it + shipping

I may have a sale for you on the whole uni, and we can pick up as we are in Calgary. I’ll follow up with the possible buyer and let you know

At the moment I would like to get this sold as a whole, thanks for the interest.

PM me and we may be able to sort something out. There is someone ahead of you though.

I’m gonna pass, thanks though.

Alright munigeek, your next in line. PM me when you can.

It looks like he’s decided he’s not interested. He’s not wanting to spend too much as he’s not sure if he will get into it or not. He’s going to plan on buying a simple uni from Kijiji when one shows up for the right price.

If I had money, I’d almost want to buy it myself. If I find anyone else who might be intersted, I’ll let you know.



Just a thought, but since you’re getting low balled, might I suggest an alternative?

I also sold my Nimbus muni a few years back for far less than I originally paid.

Fast forward a year or so, my son had a buddy who wanted to learn, he couldn’t afford a uni, I didn’t have a spare for himm to borrow…Knoxuni had a muni just like yours for cheap, so I bought it and now I use it as a loaner and for trials stuff.

Just keep it, you will always have need for a smaller muni, even if it’s for teaching and loaning.

I see where you’re coming from, but I’m also have a need for cash:D, I wish I could keep it though:(

Reimber keep everything!


If you are open to selling it apart, I am looking for a frame and a saddle (I favor trades but depending on the price & shipping we can make it work).

And there seems that earlier another member was interested by the wheelset.

Let me know if you are interested, how much do you want for the frame and saddle and how much do you estimate the shipping for 02476.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Muni 123 i have sent you a PM if you are still selling ?



I’m not ready to take it apart yet. Thanks though.


Finally found a neighbor who wanted it.