Nimbus 24 Isis. Crank compatibility

quick question. if i purchase this: nimbus muni

can i fit these: moment cranks on to it.

I would have thought yes but nothing will surprise me.

That being said, once my question is answered, i guess, depending on the outcome, i can fit/or not fit any other ISIS crank to that hub…

Thankyou :slight_smile:


That’s a pretty common upgrade. The Nimbus ISIS hub is pretty much exactly the same as the KH apart from the cutouts in the flanges.

Koxx1 cranks used to be a bit funny with compatibility (although I don’t know if that’s changed now), but Nimbus and KH mix fine.


yes moments on a nimbus hub is a very popular upgrade with the trials guys

Any true ISIS crank other than Kox should fit on the KH/Nimbus hubs.

I now someone who put 170 Echo cranks on his KH and they went on fine, but I’ve heard heard people having problems w/ other brands (I think it was Truvativ).

Onza Tensiles, Qu-Ax ISIS aluminum (not too strong), and Qu-Ax ISIS Cro-mo definately do fit.

UDC has Tensiles in 140 mm that have been reinforced for uni, still I’ve heard they can bend from a lot of big drops w/ static landings. I’ve also seen them in 165, 170, & 175.

If you like more Q-factor, I’d consider the Tensiles or Qu-Ax Cro-mo cranks.

Thankyou very much for your help, all of you :slight_smile:

I figured that was the go but i wanted to make sure first.

and now i know there is even more options crank wise. cranktabulous!!

thanks everyone,