Nimbus 24 Freestyle or XTP Fluo for freestyle?

I know eventually I’m going to invest in a ‘modern’ uni, especially since I want to start learning to hop and whatnot, and don’t want to wreck the Schwinn I have. I’ve been looking at the following two uni’s. Basically, I’m interested in a mix of freestyle, flatland, light offroad and light trials:

Nimbus II 24-inch

XTP Fluo (20 inch)

While I have some Walmart gift cards and know that a 20-inch would be easier to wheelwalk, easier to maneuver, and probably easier to hop with (and I hear these are great unicycles), I know a 24 incher is more versatile as far as distance covered per pedal rotation. I’ve also been learning on the 24 incher so part of me is thinking that I should stick with a 24. And since this has an ISIS hub, double-walled rim, and beefy cranks, I could probably also use it for light trail riding/offroad given the opportunity. Honestly, I like the prices of these, and seeing that I’m probably not going to go full hardcore aggressiveness anytime soon, these options seem like they would hold up.

Thoughts? Stick with the Schwinn for now? Or go for it?

Koxx. I’m sure people will disagree, but for the things you described I think a 20in. is best. Also so you know, the “XTP” is not really an XTP. The XTP is a discontinued Koxx-One frame. The frame on that is a Devil 1. I hear they’re not super strong, but should hold up for you. Hope this helped.

Yea, I realized that they’re actually a Koxx, hence the “KO” on the cranks. I’ve seen numerous variations of these across many dept store sites. I’ve also seen these under the name “CFG.”

It depends on how many tricks you want to learn. If you want to learn lots of tricks, I’d suggest a 20" unicycle. If you just want to learn a few tricks and then mainly ride muni, a 24" would be better. You can learn tricks on a 24" but it’s much harder. Especially wheelwalk, because there is less space between the wheel and the seat for your feet to push the tire.

With the Koxx uni, how is the seatpost height since it is a trials uni? Can I pedal efficiently (as in having my leg just fully extended at the 6:00 position) as I have a 31-inch inseam? I know typically a freestyle uni has quite a high seatpost.

Actually, I could use probably another inch of height on the Schwinn, maxxed out (gotta love fixed heights), don’t think that I’m putting enough weight on my seat.

I’m not sure if it would have a long enough seatpost, although you could buy a longer one. You could try to find a Green Spirit, Alien Backflip, or Black Domina. They have also been on sale, and they have a semi long neck frame, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the seat post being too short. The frame is also lighter and stronger.

One of the other ones I saw that caught my interest in the 20-inch size was the 20-inch version of the Nimbus II. But unfortunately, seems to be out of stock on these, wanted that blue/chrome one). I’ve also seen the N II pop up on Walmart only to show ‘not available at the time.’ Wouldn’t mind ordering there either as I have some giftcards for there.

Reason for ordering there ( is because then I can choose my seatpost height (and I think I’m due for a new saddle for my Schwinn as I’ve got foam coming out and another tear/split forming…unfortunately, the saddle I’m interested in price-wise is out of stock as well but that’s another topic). I don’t want to get a uni that I’m immediately going to have to change out the seat post especially not knowing the length on the Koxx-One.

As you can see, I’m really torn in multiple directions on which one to get.

Yea, I realized that they’re actually a Koxx, hence the “KO” on the cranks. I’ve seen numerous variations of these across many dept store sites. I’ve also seen these under the name “CFG.”[/QUOT

What I was saying was that: This is the frame they say it has.

But this is the frame it really has.

Both are Koxx-One.

XTP 2.jpg