Nimbus 24 damage crank


My name is adrian, I’m new at this form, but I been fallow it since September.
I “learned” a few weeks ago how to go forward on unicycle, and decided to buy one of eBay.
I got one very nice second hand Nimbus like new, but after a maybe an hour of unicycling left pedal completely snap from the crank.
It is not possible to put it back because the crank thread is stripped.

Crank is QU-AX 125i

It’s that common problem or it’s happened only to me?

I read on that parts like cranks and pedals ther are not covered by guarantee. Because of that just wondering is this something what happened often?

Many thanks for advice!

Nope it’s not common

Hi welcome to the forum! Fortunately it can happen but it is not that common. Stripped cranks are most likely to occur from either over tightening pedals or cross threading them while installing. Although soft/cheap metals can make a crank more likely for this to occur proper installation is still most important. lightly grease the threads of the pedal and or crank and hand thread the pedal into the cranks. It should go smoothly if it is really a struggle then you are cross threading it in which case stop and try again. Then tighten with a pedal wrench or Allen key (depending on pedal) until snug. it is not necessary to crank it down to hard. As you pedal the natural rotation will tighten the pedal (why you have left and right specific pedals). Nimbus are good though I’ve had very good luck with mine so get your self some new cranks and you should have a solid uni!
Best of luck!

Check to make sure that the left pedal and left crank are on the left side and the right pedal and right crank are on the right side. If not, that would explain the problem. If they are opposite of what they should be, it may be that your saddle is backwards.

Thank you for reply

I checked already, everything it’s fine, left pedal and left crank are on correct side, don’t understand why this heaped crank it’s completely damage.
Basically need to buy new crank and pedal.

The most annoying thing is that I just bought it week ago, and it’s already broken. I know is second hand but really look like new no scratches.

There should not be any need to replace the pedal, only the crank. Just after learning to ride backwards, I stripped the threads on a few cranks, but there was never any damage to my pedals. Pedal spindles and hubs are made of much harder metal than cranks, I think. Qu-ax lightweight cranks (if those are what you have) are not the strongest, but they should definitely be good enough for now. The Qu-ax lightweight cranks on my 29 are still totally OK after 2 years of riding down the stairs by a fat guy.

Replacing your crank(s) should definitely solve the problem, but it would be good to figure out what the problem was to begin with…

Left pedal looks like was ripped off, some threads from the crank is still on it and can’t be removed.
This is very odd I have been cycling mall my life nand never seen something like that.

Sounds like what UniJack mentioned. Maybe the previous owner did it.

Oh well, replacing the crank (and the pedal, if you can’t get the threads cleared out) will definitely solve the problem.

What the others said. Things need to be replaced sometimes on a unicycle. Seat posts can break, tires wear out, etc. It you buy a used one, you jump into the middle of the maintenance cycle. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you get bitten right away.

So it goes. I’ve got Qu-Ax 125mm cranks on my 20" and I remember that they weren’t expensive. Odyssey Twisted PC pedals are under $20 if you need to replace those. A lot of us have been very happy with them.

Be really sure that you’ve got the left and right pedals on correct sides, and also check that pedals are really tight in the cranks EVERY TIME YOU RIDE IT. That’s the big crank killer, which tends to get blamed on “cheap parts,” keeping on riding after a pedal has started unthreading itself.