Nimbus 20in Trials Cycle with ISIS

I love my new 24in Nimbus II, but I’m also looking for a trials uni. I was thinking the Nimbus 20in Trials Cycle, and I was wondering what other peoples opinions were on it. Strengths, weaknesses?

I got mine about a year ago from UDC. I’ll just list some of the minor issues that I’ve had with it:

The frame clearance is very low for a CC tire. I had to put shims over the bearings at first to keep the tire from touching the frame. By now the tire tread has almost completely worn down, so I’m planning on getting a TryAll to replace it. Hopefully it will fit in the frame.

I have had some problems with the bearing holders. Even before I used shims for the bearings, I have had to keep them pretty loose, or else they would pinch the bearings too much and slow down the wheel. This is not an issue with my KH29.

I thought the Nimbus Gel Saddle was kind of uncomfortable. It seemed like the top edges (the parts that support that majority of your weight) were too sharp and not padded enough, so I switched it out for a much more comfortable KH Fusion. I’m very skinny, though, which might have made it more uncomfortable for me.

Other than that, it has been great. It’s 100x better than the Torker CX-24 that I had before. The stock pedals have a lot of grip, much more than the ones that came with my KH29, and if you you switch to Moment cranks and maybe a stronger seatpost, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about it breaking.

I’ve had the same issue with the bearings in my 24in Nimbus. If I pick the uni up and spin the tire, it doesnt spin as freely as it should.
I also noticed from the picture of the Trials uni on UDC that the clearance of the tire was pretty minimal. It seems like that is a common problem with a lot of Trials unis (Koxx for example). Any particular reason they make them that way? What’s the harm in giving it a little extra space? BTW, did your tire ever rub before you put the shims in?
Ultimately, if you were to go back, would you buy it again, or would you go with something else? Any other unis you would recommend I look at instead, for around the same price?

Oh, that’s right… I forgot. I bent my Nimbus II frame and have to put a quarter inch shim on one of the bearings to center the rim/tire and keep them from rubbing on one side.


I have had my Nimbus trials for a few months now and I havnt had any issues.

I dont do anything extreme though My biggest drop is about a metre.


all trials unis have this apart from the kh , my theory is that you dont really need to use them as a muni so mee for clearence and by reducing clearence makes the uni shorter so you can tuck in in more for high hops … just my theory:)

The stock Nimbus is probably the best you will find for the price. If I went back and bought it again, it would be nice to have the Nimbus wheelset with a KH frame, 137 Moments, and Fusion Street saddle. However, I really don’t think the extra cost of the KH frame would be worth it. The most imporatant thing for me was the saddle. I actually took the seat foam out of an old fusion freeride saddle and replaced it with a few layers of sponge cloth and non-slip rug pad. It’s thinner, but still just as comfortable (to me, at least).

I don’t have a preference for pedals or seatpost, but i would stay away from the Odyssey Trailmix pedals. They barely have any grip.

It’s pretty nice, the Nimbus Unis are coming with KH Fusion seats on them already, instead of the Nimbus Gel seats that people I’ve talked to seem to think aren’t all that comfortable.

UDC UK Roger corrected me in a thread a year ago. KH bearing holders look like they should be tightened down snug. They even work well when you do, just not as long as they will if you only tighten them enough. Spin the wheel and never tighten the cap so much that it slows the wheel spin. That slowing is caused by warping the outer bearing cage. It will continue to work if you snug them tight, just not as long.