Nimbus 20in Signature Trials

I hate to keep posting threads about Nimbus trials unis, but UDC (U.S.) is so vague in their descriptions, and their pictures don’t show the parts that they are claiming are on the uni. So, does anyone know the difference between the Nimbus Signature Trials, and the regular Trials. Looks like the rim is made of aluminum instead of alloy, and the frame may possibly be CrMo instead of just plain steel…
Am I wrong, or missing anything? Anyone with experience on these?

I’ve never seen either one

Just from UDC specs it seems they are 20 $ apart in price. Likely the extra cost of the chro mo frame. Also the KH 09 seat base is less flexy than the earlier version. I would bet the hubs are the same, even though they are described a little differently.

UDC does have somewhat lacking descriptions at times. I wouldn’t be surprised if the "low carbon steel " frame is the same chrome moly frame as the other one, but with chrome not paint. The correct name for cheap frames is “mild steel”, or just steel. Not everyone who works at UDC is a uni expert. Because it is a chromed uni, the writer may have left out the chrome moly part of the description, perceiving it as redundant. I would not be at all surprised if it is really a chromed, chrome moly framed uni. They charge more for powder coat.

“Frame:Chrome 20” Nimbus II 4130 CrMo steel with 42mm machined main-cap bearing housings"

I’m pretty sure that the difference is the newer saddle, and the CrMo frame. The other Nimbus trials says specifically “low carbon steel frame.” I would hope that the welding on the signature is better as well. The three Nimbus frames I have had have all had sloppy welds that seem to be strong, just not great looking. The signature is not powder coated according to the description.

Really though, even if it’s just the saddle, and the CrMo frame that would be worth spending the extra twenty bucks.

These are probably the same as well since almost all modern rims are made of an aluminum alloy. The difference is probably the white color on the signature.

It is probably best to call and ask for verification, making sure to talk to somebody who knows for sure.

Almost all modern rims are made of an aluminum alloy so they are probably the same rim with the exception of the Signature version being white.

I would highly recommend calling UDC and asking for somebody who can explain the actual differences to you. You deserve to know. Might help

I’ve seen and shipped one of these out but with the Anniversary Frame, so no big differences.

Quite a few of the local kids have Nimbus 20" Trials, one has a Signature series - the only difference is the white hub, white rim (oh yeah and black spokes) as far as I can see anyway.

Here’s the Signature series on my blog″-isis-trials-unicycle-review/

I have a standard loaner Nimbus 20" Trials here ATM, could take a pic of that too.

This one is simple - as some one that works at UDC canada –

This is the same nimbus trials unicycle with a powdercoated white rim & black spokes.

I hope this makes this easier to understand.


RE: Nimbus 20in Signature Trials

A simple but attractive deal may help better.

So I called and talked to a rep at UDC. The only difference is the powder coating on the rim. There are no other differences.

My order should be placed tomorrow.
20in Nimbus II trials uni, with a black frame, white rim, blue seat post clamp and blue trimmed seat.

I think this thing is going to look sick!

I am just curious

Do all Nimbus trials have a chrome moly frame ? I couldn’t figure it out from reading at UDC USA.

I doubt that any of the nimbus II frames are Cr-Mo. That would add expense to the tubeset, and it would be a big selling point. UDC.US has bad product descriptions in many cases, and I have found that the UDC.UK catalog is much more consistent. According to UDC.UK the frame on the signature trials is described as: Strong tubular steel frame with durable chrome finish.

Hmm, thanks

If it is true that they are all mild steel, UDC USA should change the description of the signature model. Mild steel is ok, but you need more of it to get the same toughness. I would be unhappy to pay 300 $ for a chrome moly frame and get a plain one.

I’m kinda surprised they went that way. The KH alum frames are plenty $ to make, but the extra cost for chrome molly is minor. I have owned whole motorcycles with chrome molly frames. Hard to fathom it would cost more then 5 $ ish to buy the better steel for a tiny trials frame.

I agree completely. For that matter I don’t know why they seem to be o.k. with the poor looking welds on the nimbus frames. If you go to Target you can see whole bikes that have nicer welds for less than the cost of a Nimbus unicycle. They could maybe drop a little weight, have a nicer looking product, and it would only cost a little more than what they are currently charging.

Don’t get me wrong. I have a ton of fun riding my various Nimbus uni’s, and I am not worried for a second about the strength. It was just a little surprising when I got my first Nimbus frame after reading all of the great reviews of them on the forums only to find something that had the worst looking welds I have ever had on a pedal powered vehicle.