Nimbus 2014 Saddles

Hi, I just received a brand new complete Nimbus Oracle 26er and I noticed that a few parts has changed from the first models I seen.

1 - Seatpost Clamp: the older one with two screw has been swapped in favor of the new “doublequick” clamp. Bonus or Bogus really depends on your personal preferences, but I must say that the new one works very well and you’re not going to wreck the bolt-heads anymore :wink:

2 - New brake: Tektro Auriga SUB instead of the Bengal Helix 5. Imho this is a bonus, the Tektro has a very good molded, one-piece caliper and the cylinder/lever design seems more robust to me. You have to purchase specific olives and insert if you want to shorten the hose though, since magura, shimano or avid ones won’t works.

3 - New lever bracket: under the saddle you won’t find anymore the KH 4-bolts bracket, but a 2-bolts one similar to the QX model. It look waaaay cheaper and bulky and definitely I really don’t like it!

4 - New 2014 Nimbus Gel Saddle: The bogus part! No more KH base with screw instead of nuts to fix seatpost, handle & bumper. This is a step back imho, with this new base you can’t:

  • Use a KH Touring Handle and/or Stiffer Plate.
  • Use a KH adjustable Seatpost
    Also the screw where you mount the front plastic handle/bumper are so short that actually is really a mess to mount the brake bracket! On my Oracle the two front nuts screw-in for less that 2 thread turns, making it really prone for the nut to strip the threads under pressure. And they are going to be under pressure since they hold the brake lever…
    Mounting a shadow handle will result in a similar way, the screw are too short to hold bumper and bracket together…
    There is also a new cover without the mesh-pattern inserts; instead there are coloured inserts (only on the back part) of the same cover material. Personally I prefer the older cover but it’s just a personal matter.

That’s terrible to hear about the new saddle. This is probably only going to make people more inclined to buy KH over nimbus gel then ever.

Why won’t the adjustable post work? It’s still the standard Schwinn bolt pattern right?

Because of the shape of the base. There is a recess where you mount the seatposta that is too small to fit the KH adjustable seatpost.

Same for the Impact Athmos saddle:

Why the hole in the handle again?!? :thinking: The handles without the holes are so much better to your fingers…

looks like it also has an entire new front grab handle design with a slightly larger hole than its predecessor.

Unless they changed the bolt spacing i’m at a loss as to why a new mould was made. Plastic moulds cost a lot of money and standardisation of parts across multiple manufacturers seems more cost effective.

Also why back to nuts. Was there an issue with hex bolts and seatposts or grab handles?

How does the new seatbase shape compare to the KH base?

Maybe I’m weird, but I like the idea of the nuts. I’ve never had a seat with them, but I hate allen bolts with a passion. I’ve stripped too many seat bolts (along with others on my uni), so for me, the nuts are a welcome sight.

You’re not the only one. I don’t see any reason to use allen bolts, they are just plain anooooyyyinggg. Plus the fact that I’m always worried that I’ll strip one out.

I stripped one of the bolts to the seatpost clamp almost immediately. Pretty sure they’re aluminum. Now I can’t take my seatpost off. It’s a light clamp, but feels cheap.

If they ‘have’ to be bolts, I wish they’d at least got to a hex head, slotted bolt, or both (like those found on hose clamps).

Not this one. :-p I have been testing this handle for 2 years and now can not use the Kh one with out a hole.

Curious, can you fit your thumb into the hole, wrapping your whole hand around the handle like a regular handle bar? That’d be kinda nifty if you could…

Man, that picture displays seatpost base, not a kind of a front bumper. :wink:

Am I the only one who when riding down hill off-road and trying to pull the brake hand slips off the KH handle? This one with the big hole works great, I grip the front and can hold the brake as well and I can keep control of the unicycle while also braking.


I think it depends on size of palm - my height is about 182 cm and I use to wear gloves of 11 size (usually it is biggest size in local bikewear shops). I feel comfortable to grab KH handles, opposite that Impact handle (that one with hole) feels too thin for me.

Personally I agree with Roger, I don’t like very much the KH no-hole front bumper. My palm slide away when holding the brake, just like Roger reported.
For Muni & stuff I stick with the old bumper, for distance and XC i Just don’t use it anymore and go for KH touring hanlde, shadow handle or various kind of front custom bars.

So for me the new bumper with the bigger hole is a plus, but I must say that my fingers are pretty tiny (S-M size on KH Impulse gloves).

What I really don’t like is the nuts instead of allen bolts. So much trouble to add a brake bracket, any kind of handle and so on. With allen bolts you just can change the bolt lenght at your need from the outside, with nuts you have to unwrap your saddle to access the squared-shaped screws. And if the saddle has a stapled cover such as the new Nimbus, all the process is a real pain…

At list Roger I would add 5mm to the front bolts, otherwise fitting the brake bracket is a real mess, as I reported with the Oracle Muni.

Another thing I don’t like is the old-style base; it’s narrower in the middle, which is a good thing, but it doesn’t allow the use of a KH touring bar. Your only choice is to use the shadow handle which has both benefits and limitations, but for me is better to have a choice :roll_eyes:

Interesting to hear from the perspective of riders that like the hole in the saddle handle. Although I’ve never done it, making the worry largely unfounded, I tend to stress about fingers or …things that would be worse… :astonished: getting gnarled up in that hole.

I personally hadn’t seen a reason for it until now, but I don’t have the hand slippage problem.

I’m neither here nor there with the hole on the saddle. On the one hand I like the one without a hole as it seems comfier for hopping around. I haven’t tried one of the new handles with a bigger hole but I liked how the old ones made it so you could grab the sides of the handle with both hands nicely. Is this still possible with the bigger holes?

Here are, finally, a few detailed pics of the new saddles.

The hole is definitely bigger:

I can’t really say now if I like it or not. To me is good to have a bigger hole where my fingers can’t get stuck, but the bigger hole has been obtained removing material in the front underneath part, where your fingers grab the handle. In this way you have a smaller, thinner grab for your hand.
I have pretty small hands and I thinks that it’s too small even for me :sunglasses:

Here are the front bolts detail. They are waaaaay too short to mount the stock lever bracket, which just like the Quax one, is fixed with only 2 screws.

I think that those screws aren’t going to last for long…

Where is the flat seat?