Nimbus 2007 X Street

anything bad about it? im thinking about getting it.

Jonny has one, here is his video if you wanna see it in action…

the quax freestyle cranks that are not recomended for heavy jumping. other than that, no

would it be good at all for trials?

thats what I want to use it for.

go with the nimbus trials
it comes with 140’s instead of 125’s which are way better for trials

but you can get KH 137s with the Nimbus X Street

if i got it for trials I’d switch to KH yea.

what exactly is the difference between trials and street?

it comes with 125s, you can upgrade it to KH137s(highly recommended) for $50.

trials is basically jumping onto objects and is usually static
while street is almost always done riding the whole time and uses objects for doing trix, not only hopping.

Alot :smiley:
Street is doing like… tricks and rolling hops and humbo jumbo etc. And trials is pretty much like an obstacle course (well thats what I think it’s like…) where you need to jump up and over obstacles and stuff :slight_smile: I hope that helps a little

haha it pisses me off so much when people say a crankflip is a trials trick.

so i could use the Nimbus X Street for trials and street?

You could, but from what I remember, the Nimbus street unicycle usesa22.2mm seatpost/frame. This makes for a weak seatpost.

The Nimbus trials has a 25.4 frame, (or is it 27.2?) either way, its bigger, and in this case, holds a stronger and more standard size of seatpost.

Both unis are ISIS, so you both can be upgraded to KHmoment cranks. For trials, use the longer 137 cranks, for street, try something about 10mm shorter.

i only weigh 125, and seatposts aren’t too exspensive, so the seatpost should probably hold up good for me. I sort of want to do a mix of street and trials… :sunglasses:

Well as far as I can see the nimbus trials is cheaper anyway… and it would be fine for street…

I got the nimbus street in the beginning of august. It hasn’t let me down since. I have never been happier with my progress as a street rider, but trials may become a problem. Go with the nimbus trials uni. This way, if you choose to go with street riding at any time, you can still manage with the nimbus trials uni.

You could be 80 pounds and still break posts all the time.

Trust me, when you get into street, and learning cranksflips and some other tricks, and even sometimes with trials, you will be putting a lot of strain, and sometimes full body weight on the tip of the saddle.

That much force quickly strains the seat, and the post.

Ive mentioned this in another post, that being careful and paying attention to how you land can make the life of any seat and post be longer, but it never hurts to buy stronger parts.

Dont be afraid of it breaking though, you will get a long life out of it, and it may be fine for you. Just saying, a bigger post will have a better life on it, and will be best for you. =p

Seatpost thickness usualy doesnt matter wen it comes 2 durability since seatposts usually break on the part were it connects 2 the seat. Very rarely does it happen on the neck. Trust me ive broken 4 seatposts already.