Nimbus 20"

Would a Nimbus 20" unicycle be a good one for trials without paying over 200 $$$??? I would like a great trials unicycle but I don’t have much money. Just wondering. Please reply. Thanks.

Re: Nimbus 20"

It’s good for the money, but won’t hold up to hard core Trials. The hub and cranks are the weak point. They aren’t bad, but splined cranks and hub are needed for hardcore trials. If you don’t have the cash, get it. If you can spring for a better setup you might want to do that instead.

Because I don’t have all that much money, I have a MUni with a similar setup. While I’m not fearful that I’m going to break the thing, I am careful not to do anything stupid. Now, my trials cycle is splined, so I feel free to be stupid with it.

Oh, and for this type of question, post in RSU. Better yet, search first then post in RSU if you can’t find an answer. This forum is for people who already own products and want to share about them.

Hope that helps.

im probably going to be riding stuff like street. should i get a trails bike? and will it be ok for a little tiny bit of off road?

I’ve had my Nimbus for about a week and I have already bent the left crank. Then again, I am 200 pounds and was jumping off 4ft high obstactles…but overall, I really, really, really like this unicycle. I plan on ordering some KH splined cranks and perhaps the hub as well. Will the KH splined cranks fit on the standard nimbus hub?