Nimbus 20"

Me and Bryan M. are thinking about saving up to buy a 20" Nimbus unicycle. How does this compare to the Summit and the KH20? The frame and wheel looks very much like a summit and KH. And it comes with a KH saddle. Its more affordable than the two previously mentioned. $169.

Nimbus 20-inch Trials Unicycle

A specially-designed trials unicycle with 20 x 2.5-inch-wide trials tire and KH Saddle.


yea it just seems like a more realistic choice for me since you

know i cant crap out 400 dollars. Looks like a good buy and im all

about the trials so seems like it makes since. Some opinions r

always good though :slight_smile:

this one


Nimbus 20"

It IS a good unicycle for the money:) It is NOT the equal of the Summit/KH/ or Onza, all of which have splined cranks and will hold up to the hops and drops common to trials style riding. My family currently is using the Nimbus with good results, but the heaviest rider weighs 105lbs. If you weigh less than 145lbs and are not doing much in the way of big(more than 2 ft. in my book) drops, I’ll bet you’ll be happy enough with the Nimbus. Good luck!

HINT: get a job. I deliver papers, and it’s so easy but pays quite well. About six bucks per day, and it takes half an hour. You do the math.

Then you can afford a quality unicycle.

WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Let’s give some serious thought to this first. Consider all the other options. Do you realize where a rash decision like getting a job could take you :thinking: Once you start paying for your own things; I mean, it’s a very slippery slope…

Yeah unfortunately guys this is good for the money, but you’ll probably want something better soon. I say stick with what you’ve got right now, see how they hold up, and get a job in the meantime. The way you guys are progressing I think you’ll break that one and just be $169 down on getting an even better one that will actually hold up to the abuse you’ll give it.

Sure it’s good for the money, but you gotta pay the price for something that’s obviously better.

My first one was a bit less than the price of that, although it’s a really dodgy freestyle one I’m using for trials. I’ve made the decision to stick with the one I’ve got until it’s unusable and then buy my custom choice $1000 unicycle.

KH Velo Saddle, GP Frame (Yuni Style), Arrows Racing Trials Wheelset with Profile Crank Arms and Hub and VP Components Metal Pedals.

my bro got a kh almost a year ago. besides a few setbacks (broken maincap, broken seat, bent cranks) it has held up beautifully). so he paid 400 for the uni, sent him another main cap for free, 40 for a new seat, and when he gets them, 70 for cranks. this is about 440 dollars for 1 year of riding, and another 70 for probably another entire year of riding. $500 (USD) for 2 years of hardcore trials is a good deal.

*i just realized i forgot to factor in pedals (add $50)

if you get the nimbus, thats almost 200 (with shipping). you will buy new pedals ($30), you will proabably replace the cranks several times (about $50 for 2 sets), and then you will want a kh (400).

jut save up for the better uni.

thanks. I weigh about 150-155 pounds and i dont wanna go buy a new unicycle and break it. I think im just going to save up for a summit. maybe one will come back to ebay. also im going to get a job. over the summer im going to be a lifeguard. about 2 weeks of work and ill be able to get it. 7 bucks an hour 8 hours a day almost every day. :slight_smile: