Nimbus 20" X Street ISIS

Hi guys,

This is a great forum…I’ve already learned a lot by reading other posts.
I had a quick question and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I bought a Sun unicycle a few months ago and already torqued the hub by jumping down some steps. I didn’t have a clue about unicycles and I guess it’s not designed for that or maybe i wasn’t riding it properly. Anyways, I wanted to know if the Nimbus 20" X street ISIS would be a good unicycle. I don’t want to do anything too crazy but I don’t want to be THAT limited and have to upgrade anytime soon either…for around a 300-400 price range. Thank you!

hey! im guessing you’re in america
there’s an amazing deal on k1 uni’s over there at the minute, an alien backflip or green spirit unicycle from either or would be a great investment, they usually retail for a lot more than that! :smiley:
I reccomend those two because the other ones with the pointy frames are not of as high a quality, still nice though.

Thank you very much…I did some research and I ended up ordering the Alien Backflip. :smiley:

Good call