Nimbus 20" Trials Cycle...

Does any have this unicycle? I was just wondering if they liked it because in the future I plan on getting a Trials cycle, but I don’t wanna spend more than 250.00. Any other recomendations for a good trials uni? Also what does Note: Wheel rated to 10-inch drops for riders weighing 150 pounds or less. mean? that was under the specifications for the Nimbus Trials unicycle on I would think if it is a trials uni it could be taken off of higher drops than 10-inch? Heres a picture of it.


Tis a horrible uni, breaks way easy, get the Qu-Ax or a kh, or onza

Yeah the Qu-Ax was going to be my second choice. I will probably need to save up all this summer, and next year.

Re: Nimbus 20" Trials Cycle…

If ur willing 2 pay about 210 i would get the onza