Nimbus 20" Gremlin Trials Unicycle?

I am getting my first trials unicycle as soon as I decide what to buy. Does anybody know if the Nimbus 20" Gremlin Trials Unicycle (in black) is is a good uni, and should I buy it? If I should what crank arm should I get? Thanks!

Nimbus makes quality unis. I’ve never used the gremlin but it should be really solid, I’d go for it!

As for cranks, I run 140s on my trials and they are perfect for me. Longer cranks will give more control but make it harder to spin smoothly so it’s all personal preference for finding that balance you like.

The Nimbus Gremlin is a great uni to start with. It will take all the abuse you can throw at it and then some. I started with the Nimbus Blizzard which is basically the same uni. As for the crank size, 125s or 137s are most common for that type of uni. If you plan on doing nothing but Trials style riding, then definitely go with the 137s. If you want to do more street and/or flatland riding, then you should consider the 125s. As Hunter said, it is all about personal preference. Either size will allow you to experiment with all of the above riding styles. If you decide later that you want to try the other size, cranks are an easy and relatively cheap upgrade. Not that it matters, but I have always ridden with 125s. I haven’t tried 137s yet.

i have ridden 125 and 137s and i prefer 137s for trials because it feels just a little more stable.

I have a Nimbus Trials and it really is a good uni. I have absolutely no regrets. I would buy again without hesitation! As for cranks, I agree with MadFurai. I have 125’s cause I use it for street too.

i ride street with 137s.

I could totally see that. We are both larger guys as well so I also considered giving them a try!

125s and 137s feel kind of the same but 137s give me more levrage.

Yea I can see that being a plus at times. Off subject, but what cranks do you use?

I ride 137 moments and before that 140 koxx reinforced and before that 125 ventures.

Thanks! I am using Moments on my trials and KH Spirit on my 36er. Both have been really good.

I like the moments just for the qfactor. the Koxx-One cranks are about as strong and weigh less. i tore up the side of my shoes because of them hitting the cranks every time a drop.

I noticed this new green gremlin trials unicycle on UDC USA recently which I thought was a cooler color than the Impacts (I like a nice bright lime or neon green myself).
I went to look on here to see what people had to say about it and surprisingly found this very old post instead.
I had been kind of wanting a 19 or 20 for practicing skills on and now I find I want it even more after seeing this new model…
I guess always wanting n+1 unicycles is a real thing :slightly_smiling_face:

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11 years later lol

That green Gremlin looks sick! If only it has an aluminium frame…