Nimbus 2, vs Torker LX?

Which would you prefer?

I found a Nimbus 2, without gel seat, for $200 The Nimbus you can select crank arm length, and a few other things.

And, I bought a Torker LX for $ 115

My gut feeling is that the Nimbus is a little better quality.

My son is around 105 lbs, and about 5’ tall. He is a proficient rider now. Grass, Gravel, and carrying stuff.

Thanks for your opinions.


The Nimbus is a nicer unicycle; the ISIS hub/cranks in particular will stand up to hard use a lot longer. Even at 105 lbs I wouldn’t want to do a lot of jumping on the LX’s square taper cranks.

This is generally a good point; however, it may be an older version with square taper (st) cranks. Still a better uni, but not as sweet of a deal. It’s the “without gel seat” that has me wondering. Is it without a seat at all, or does it have the old UDC/Nimbus hitop? If it has no seat, it may be Isis. If it’s one of the older saddles my guess would be ST.

+1, but the Nimbus is still overall a better uni even off its the older one w/ ST cranks

Nimbus 2 for sure, the torkers are not as robust and are easy to break. Spend a bit more its worth it

Goodluck. :slight_smile:

Jtrops, above, it had a cheaper seat. It was on a site that featured Rich and Wendy riding a uni for 2. I cannot seem to find it any more. Maybe it has been pulled. But, that only boosts the price about 40.00. + shipping. I suspect that my son will eventually get the Nimbus. We are still waiting on the LX, due to arrive this next Thursday. The LX will probably serve well, for my daughter, she is not as tough on stuff. I was going to link to the site that had the Nimbus for 200, and that site appears to be down.



I bought the LX for my son (180 pounds) but only for freestyle use. He has had no issues with it in the last two years of riding. He has sturdier unis for off road adventures. If gym riding is your son’s focus there should be no problem.

I would personally get the nimbus2, hopefully last longer

He offroad rides. We are in SW Arkansas. I don’t think he has ever gotten loose in a gym!