Nimbus 2 vs qx20 pro

New to unicycling and apologize if this has been asked a million times before, I tried to search but could find very little on the QXpro.

Looking at my first unicycle to be used for learning and light hopping around my yard and was originally thinking a Nimbus 2 from UDC (295 CAD) but just found this

Wondering if it’s of equal or better quality for the 50 bucks less. I see it says it’s an isis hub but doesnt have any other real information past that.

Any input for or against either of these unicycles would be appreciated.


Both are solid unicycles. The QX20 pro is normally called a Qu-ax Profi, and I’d consider them a pretty even quality. Both will be pretty good for your purposes.

I’m partial to the QX, because the frame is actually good for standup-wheelwalk, and I kinda like the 48-spoke apocalypse proof wheel. (The Nimbus II is perfectly adequate though.)

The Nimbus has got nicer cranks, but I haven’t had any issues with the ones on the Qu-ax, even though I did some large-ish drops with them (~75cm, I’m a lightweight rider though).

Thanks for the input! Apocalypse proof wheel sounds pretty appealing to me and 50 bucks less after taxes and shipping also adds to the appeal.

Has anyone dealt with the ebikes site before?

Thanks again

Grin Technologies ( is run by people (Justin and Anne Sophie, who also happen to be contributors to this forum) who are very well known and respected in the unicycle world. You can do business with them with confidence.

Thanks! Great to hear, I think I know what I’ll be ordering this weekend haha

Yeah both unicycles are good but I tend to lean more on the QX20 side. I just like the design and build.