nimbus 2 tyre

hey there guys and gurls.

i’ve got a nimbus 2 uni and it came with a hookworm tyre on it.

a friend of mine had also got a nimbus 2 uni but its got a kinda square tyre on it i think its coz its older than mine does anyone know what this tyre is or where i can get one? as i want a new tyre for my giraffe and i think that tyre i be prettty good.

any other ideas for a "20 tyre for a giraffe?


thers nothing there but check it out ne way!

Just about any 20" bmx tyre will fit, pick one. :slight_smile:

Primo - The Wall, and the Maxxis hookworm are both great tyres, but there is a whole bunch of em. :slight_smile: