Nimbus 2 frame?

ok i posted this last time but there were no responses and im still wonderin bout this. What is the weight difference between the DX trials frame and the Standard Nimbus 2 frame. aslo how strong is the Nimbus 2 frame?

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i have no idea…the answer to this question…but taco bell is amazing

I have a nimbus 2 frame and it is strong and has yet to break :wink:

persoanlly i dont think there can be much differnce in those two frames… if there is its very minimal and not worth changing,

If you want a lighter frame, get the KH 20", but even thats not worth it.

Wait for a month and think again on wether your uni is really THAT heavy :stuck_out_tongue:

Heavy unis have more controle and make you strong :wink: