nimbus 2 and 3 wheelers!

2 wheeler

theyre pretty cheap too.

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what was that again?

sorry typo

I wonder what would happen if you did a 2m drop on one of those…

fixed it

I fell 1.2 meters on to a bar and landed on my thigh! ow that was painful

The best word to discribe it: @*$% that hurt

these unis are hot. an UW and an extension to make my learner into a two-wheeler is going to be next on the toybox expansion list. They look like a blast and don’t cost like 600$ (although semcycle does make nice gear, it’s expensive for anyone who isn’t a performer)


with a three do u peddle regular

yea, I was really surprised at how inexpensive these are.

I wonder if it would be possible to turn a 2 wheeler intoa 3 wheeler and vice versa?

yes, the top part is a normal uni then the additional wheels are attached with separate fork things, like a uni frame leg with bearing holders on each side. So if you have a 3 wheeler you can take the bottom wheel and fork off and just but bottom bearing holders on to make a 2 wheeler, or a normal uni if you want.

Udc used to sell the extra wheel and extensions to convert a normal uni to a 2 or 3 wheeler.


yeah, you pedal forwards to go forwards with a three wheeler. the two wheeler is harder to ride, though the crowd wouldn’t notice and would be more impressed with three wheels :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the frames on these unis are one solid piece, however they make an extension kit (saw them on the uk udc site, not sure about us availability yet…) but presumably it’s less strong. Nimbus gear is in general pretty well made though, these look like a blast.

That is one of those situations when you may want to consider using your brain a little bit. You should be able to think that one out in your head. I made a drawing for you, though, because obviously you can’t or didn’t want to visually think it out this way.