Nimbus 2 24" freestyle (2weeks old) (NYC)

Hi, I have a 2 week old nimbus 2 24" freestyle for sale. I am located in NY, flushing queens. (I can deliver)

ISIS hub, venture 125mm cranks, nimbus gel seat, kenda 24x 2.10 tire

It was used to learn the unicycle. there are wear on the saddle front and back guards, and pedals from learning. There is one tear on the side of the gel seat.
tire still looks new, rim is great, frame is new and shiny.

no drops or tricks were done with this, strictly only learning for 2 weeks exactly. (did a daily video blog since day 1)

purchased for 320, I am looking to give it away for $250

Here is a imgur album link of pictures for the unicycle

Injecting pics from Imgur :wink: