nimbu X or nimbus II?

I recently found out i shouldnt be jumping from the heights i am with a torker lx. I was looking for a unicycle that could hold up when i do jump and have found many threads on nimbus X and nimbus II. I wanted to know which one was better. Which one would hold up longest also?

if you are into trials/street or doing anything with big enough drops… id say arund 3+ft u need something splined… either go with the qu-ax the kh the 06 torker dx or anything with a profile hub.

Everyone ALWAYS says “get a splined setup” no matter what. That is getting really old. Splined hubs are the strongest, but also the most expensive. Not everyone needs one, especially if you’re young/small. In my opinion, there is wisdom in not fixing what isn’t broken; if you’re not actually bending cranks yet, there may not be a need to buy something else. If you plan on doing trials, at least consider the the nimbus trials uni or one of the lighter-duty trials unis from Darren Bedford.

To answer your originial question though, both the Nimbus X and II have the same hub. The difference is the other components. Looking at the descriptions at I really can’t see that one is clearly better than the other. I’m no expert though. If you plan to order through, you might simply call them or email them, describe your situation, and see what they recommend.

Don’t forget Koxx and Onza!

I’ve (easily) done more than 20 drops that were in excess of 24" on my 20" Torker LX. Whenever I feel a bit of crank slippage, I apply some Loc-Tite and tighten my nuts (har har).

As for which uni to get, get something splined and you’ll be happy.

BTW, I weigh ~170lbs and I have been riding this uni for more than 6 months.

are the torker dx’s good with riding street/freestyle? ive mainly heard of the dx’s being muni unicycles

Hello Unicycle2280!

I would strongly recommend getting a splined unicycle eventually.

I think I’m at the same stage as you: I bought a Nimbus Trials (not splined) and I have reached the stage where the hub is going to break any day. It is actuly making a loud creaking noise all the time now! :slight_smile:

I now have to spend £80 buying a new crankset when I could have just spent that £80 getting a splined unicycle in the first place! It’s more economical just to buy a splined uni in the first place because there is almost no doubt that you will need something splined eventually if your into trials!

Nioate- You said that not everyone needs a splined crankset. I disagree.

I’m only small, around about 5ft and I only weight about 8 stone but my hub is already knackered after about 18 months.

I think the general rule is:
If you get into Trials and/or Street you will almost certainly bread a non splined hub unless you physically avoid doing big drops.

It’s a bit of a kick in the teeth and a pain in the wallet and if it makes you feel better your not the only one in your situation!

Maxisback- You said about profiles before and you’ve been corrected before. Profiles are increadably expensive in the UK. End of story. It’s probably more economical to buy a whole new unicycle!

Hope this helps

I think that a square tapered hub could hold up for a nice long while if you don’t try to murder it. My brother has used one for over a year (a really cheap noname brand one) and it has remained solid after hundreds of drops over a foot. As long as you roll out of landings and don’t go off anything that’s about 3 ft and up, a square tapered hub could work.

But you will have to buy a splined hub eventually, so you might as well do it now. If you are looking into trials, though, I’m not sure how well the torker dx would work. The cranks are kind of short (127mm) and you would have much less control on obstacles as you would with a QU-AX trials (145mm cranks). If you are really serious about it, then you could go for a Kris Holm trials unicycle or an Onza (which has the same hub as the KH). Some one posted a page a while back that sold the koxx unicycle in the US, and it is slightly cheaper and would hold up fine.

no the torker dx isnt only for muni. there is a 20" and a 24" version. you can choose either one.(if your into trials and street get 20"-muni 24") hope that helps.