nil surià new video: t'estimo

hi! here i post a video i have just done, please leave a coment and i also will love you! (: thankss!

Nice video! Really smooth style, I like it :slight_smile: I just found that second song (urban photography) yesterday and was going to use it in my spring video! But you only used it in a outro sort of thing so I think it’s okay ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Cool video, I would like a higher Unicycle to art footage ratio though. Other than that, everything was great. I like the style.

Really enjoyed the style of editing and the artistic elements. Looking forward to seeing more videos from you!

thanks you all for your comentss! :smiley: you are greatt, i love you! haha :smiley:

new i also uploaded “T’estimo” to vimeo, for people who can’t whatch in youtube :wink:

thanks again :wink:

Awesome vid :smiley:
what does T’estimo even mean?

haha it means “I love you” in catalan :P.

i made it for my girlfriend’s birthday :smiley:


xocala! :smiley:
Sick style. Also nice filming and editing :slight_smile:

liked riding and also great editing:)
really smooth style and some good tricks I didn’t see before.


very cool. and very sweet thing to do for your girlfriend. i bet she really lied it.
you have a really cool smooth style for both trials and flat which is really nice. i like the editting.

Nice! The tricks were really creative and smooth, and the filming and editing was great too!

hahahahahaha I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw that and I don’t know why. Sorry.
Anyways, like I said you have sick style. The filming and editing was really good too. I lied 0:33-0:40 and the jump over the car.

NIL =D awesome vid!!!
sick tricks! I love the treykickflip to backroll… thats insane :smiley:
your have a beautifull style:)

ps: Will I see you again at euc summer :)?

Style points :slight_smile:

I like style videos more then crazy riding videos

yo lo amo:D:D

…nothing is lied…

i can’t upload the original clips because i had a problem with my computer and all of them had been deleted

but if you wont you only have to say me what you wont and i can film it again…

in the jump over the car… yes, i put a pallet there, but it whas because the flor was so slipery, and jump 15 cm more or lees one foot… i think that i can do it withouth this palet too.

is spite of people that think i’m a faker… THANKS YOU ALL, your coments mean a lot for me (:

yess timm! i think that i will can goo to euc this yearr! :smiley: see you there! :stuck_out_tongue:

I certainly believe that it was really landed, but could you film another fulloutkickflip? Its such a sick trick that I’d like to see it again :smiley:

Really nice video too, I just wish it was longer

yess, I will film it againn :wink: thankss juliaa!