Nil Surià- I love sundays

New video by Nil Surià: Filmed and edit by Pau and Nil Surià :slight_smile:
enjoy it :slight_smile:


What the heck!? You’re sick!

:55 might actually be my favorite combo ever…

Filming and editing really complimented the riding here. Keep it up!!

:open_mouth: love it…please be at euc

jajjajaja this is maybe the best month vid’

today is my b’day and this is a good big present NIL!!!

see you soon!

pd: I finished exams next week and we can ride 2 weekend next :wink:

Holy sh*t :54 is amazing.
Nice to see another person to do a nice combo with cross hopping on wheel.
And seatwraps on wheel are sick! I need to do more.

edit: OMG yes a Aleix plus Nil video would be amazing! please film.


I love this vid! Best vid I’ve seen in a while actually…
I’ve said this once, but I’ll say it twice; please come to Colorado!
I think that covers it all :smiley:

“i’m really feeling that it’s not good enough”

… wtf? That was amazing.

Nice lil vid. Nice flat style. Short and sweet combos insted of long and boring, I love it. You looked like enzo at 55.

Awesome vid Nil!!!
your flat and trials improved a lot since euc summer edition!! :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to ride with you again at euc winter edition :D:D

Whoa!! you are coming to?? ^^

@Aleix: Happy Bday!!

We love you Pau!

Thanks for this great video!! I cant wait to see your next vid!!

that was amazing!!! so creative and smooth!

You have such a beautiful style! one of my favorites for sure!!

-Kevin Kartchner

That was amazing
best flat vid i’ve seen in a while, or make it best vid i’ve seen in a while!
reeaaallly good filming and such a smooth style, love the fast 180’s on tire

Sooo good!

can’t watch. upload on vimeo please :slight_smile:

THAAAAANKSS! thanks a lot you all for this great comentsss!

mmm, ok! i will upload it on viemeo :wink:

vimeo link:


Nice vid man! :slight_smile:

Btw, this is one of my favorite songs :slight_smile:

Impressive! well edited, nice, short video. I want more :stuck_out_tongue: