Nikon D5100

A quick video with my new camera. No new tricks, but the quality is incredible!

the tricks may not be your best but the clip is amazing

I was for sure thinking about the edit more than anything, but next week Jacob Sprea is coming up to my place to make a video so we’ll have some big clips in there! Thanks for dropping a comment!

Cool little video with a laid back feel. Music fits it very well. Like you said, video quality is incredible. I like the scenery at the end… I hope one day I can hop half as high as you.

Such great quality! I’m looking forward to what you can do in the future with this camera

Once again, thank you so much! The camera is really nice! I’m amazed how good it makes even everyday things look! There was also no color correction done to the footage! I hope to have many more videos like this for you. :slight_smile:

sweet, i can’t wait to see it!!!