Nike Grant Need Your Vote

So our unicycle club at my high school is starting a community service project. We plan on teaching kids that don’t perform well in school to unicycle. We hope that by inspiring them in unicycling we an inspire the to try harder in school. To do this we need money to buy enough unicycles. We have applied for a grant from nike, that is based on community votes.

Please go here. Type in your email to vote. They will send an e-mail to your inbox you then need to verify. They said they will not send you junk mail. You can vote once per email address per day. We really need your votes they will be greatly appriciated!

I’ve votted

I’ve voted :slight_smile:

Good luck with getting the grant.

I voted. :slight_smile: My wife’s work involves working with lowest quartile readers as well and I think this is a great idea. Love your proposal. Good luck.

Hey those kids make good shoes. When you can get adults to make shoes as well as children, I’ll buy em.

Great proposal. You have my vote.

I voted for you too.

Thanks for voting everyone! Keep up the voting you can vote everyday!

I voted yesterday and today :slight_smile:

I imagine you could get more votes if you got this unicycle service project in your local paper somehow (with a link to the voting page), if you haven’t thought of that yet.

Nice job, Anna. I’ve seen several kids who have limited success in the world as we know it but shine when unicycling. It’s a HUGE boost for them!


Great video at that site. Even better riding. That last drop, OUCH! But very brave.

About to vote, but, how is it having a unicycle club at school? I have considered trying to start a club at our school next year, as there are quite a few of us already that would ride, but don’t always have the opportunity to get together. Anything I should know before attempting to start a club?

I voted.