nightriders out of stock

the new nimbus nightriders are out of stock until the end of march.
maybe the titan will start selling.

just thought i would start a thread.

I noticed that today also.

not nice:(

wow, that was really fast.

They are worth waiting for!:slight_smile:

i want a 36er so bad…
will prob be the cheepest one i can find


It is quite brilliant! :slight_smile:

I want to complain about the UK site. They didn’t even get them on the site before they run out! Just not on if you ask me.


You ought to raise hell with whomever is responsible for this fiasco!

Yes, I blame the management. Fancy bringing out a desirable new product and not keeping infinite stock!

I got mine the day this was posted :stuck_out_tongue:

Even on Unicycle Oz, they’re out of stock. :frowning:

that is stupid hoe theyre out of stock so soon, does anyone recoment me getting one and shortening it loads so i can ride it because im only 5’2’’?? i dont know what to get

Well i had a coker and i’m something like 5’3" so i guess a coker would be awesome for you to try/buy and a 29er is the next best thing.