Nightrider tyre rotation direction

Which way is best for a Nightrider tyre to rotate? I can’t see any indication on it.

The tyre has curved tread grooves. Should they curve convex side forward or backward when looking at the tyre from the top?

The round way. If you rotate it the flat way it’s like riding over HUUUGE bumps! :astonished:

Sorry. I hadn’t noticed it wasn’t direction-neutral. You would probably be hard-pressed to be able to detect a difference in non-motorized use.

I had the same question and always fit it as received (same for both 32 and 36 versions) :

Thanks. That was the way my instinct suggested.

There used to be a tradition to indicate rotation direction with the branding on the right side. Looking at my unis, the Maxxis Ardent conforms. The Maxxis Torch and DTH and the Nimbus Nightrider have it on both sides.

The OBR Gekok goes against tradition with the branding on the left but it does have a rotation arrow to make it clear.

I’ve mounted the nightrider tire in both directions and could not feel any difference.