Nightrider/Stealth Pro/toaster combination

As probably one of the first in the UK to receive the now not secret rim/tyre combination I thought I should make a few comments. (in context I am a relative beginner, 150mm cranks and I am old and heavy!)

My first ride was strange, the wide hub made for a very wobbly straight line and the reduced flywheel took me by surprise but after a couple of short rides the new wheel (after a 36" Qu-ax) feels really solid and controllable, I guess this is down to less flex (i’m a heavyweight rider). Going round corners I feel that the unicycle goes where you point it. I also like the lightness of the setup, starting off is easier with less momentum to overcome, and much easier to accelerate and deccelerate. I have not tried the tyre off road yet but it feels good on the road and not overtreaded. The braking surface looks good but I don’t have a brake.

I hope this helps

ps. Anybody want to buy a cheap qu-ax?

how much? i might no somebody that will buy it?

36ers are way cool. how long did you have your qu-ax for?

cool, i wana get the new nightrider pro and give my dad my coker so we can ride togethor

My NRP is on it’s way! :smiley: