NightRider Lite/non-Lite Rim Compatibility

Hello all

I can’t see anything here on these pages or on UDC regarding if the NightRider Lite tyre is fine to install on the older, original Stealth (1) rim.

Also- flipping it the other way round, can I put the older non-lite NightRider tyre, on the newer (green) Dominator2 36er rim?

I fit set up my fixed gear 36er with the newer tyre as it had the newer rim. But ideally I’d prefer the lighter tyre on my G36er’s older Stealth rim. And move that set up’s heavier tyre over to the newer Dominator2 rim.

Asking as there’s always a case of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it as the non-lite tyre is very nicely seated on the old Stealth rim - but of course it just weighs a ton when added with a stealth frame and schlumpf hub.

Thanks in advance!

Both lite and non-lite Nightriders are fine on the Stealth2 (AKA Dominator2) rim. My 36er came with a Stealth2 rim and the old Nightrider, and I ran it like that for ~5 years before switching to the lite tyre.

I have no experience with the original Stealth rim, so can’t comment there.

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NR lite works fine on the Stealth rim, from personal experience.

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Ah that’s good to know! And that’s the Stealth original, no number rim?

Yes, the “original” or first Stealth rim with an outer width of 38mm.

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I put the new tire on the my old rim, didn’t notice any issues at all. But I don’t ride aggressively, or at super high pressure, or do anything else that would push the limits.

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