Nightrider 36er tire

Nightrider 36er tire practically new. Ridden about 10 miles.

$50 plus shipping or local pickup in Germantown, MD.

private message sent.

Tire is sold. Thanks Ken.

Tire received. Another happy customer. Thank you Munimag!

Has anyone had success using a belt sander to reshape/remove material from a nightrider tire? Almost all the wear occurs on the center knobs, so after a while the original round profile flattens out, causing more contact with the outer knobs. My idea is to use a belt sander (outside) to remove rubber from the outer areas , essentially reshaping the tire to a rounder profile so it once again tracks mostly on the center knobs. Good/bad idea?

I used a grinder and reshaped the nightrider I had to try to reduce camber effect, it did help and wasn’t that hard to do. shortly after that I had a flat and damaged the tire putting it back on, I replaced it with a nightrider lite
anyway yes it can be done, i just set it up where I could keep the tire moving at a steady speed, ( read helping hand there) and just gently worked the grinder to take off the outer tread and reshape it