Nightfox first ride


So, I got out early this morning to try my new nightfox that I received from UDC last night. All I can say is eye opener!

I’ve been having a good time on my Oracle29 with a 165 crank since I bought it in August. Got pretty good at riding and free mounting after not riding since I was 13 (55 now).

My NF shipped standard with 138 cranks which I didn’t really think too much about. But hello!, this ride is quite difficult to pedal! I barley was able to ride it. I mounted it holding onto my pickup truck and (after a couple of failed attempts to even turn the wheel) went around the block one time (didn’t fall) but then I was completely done - legs were on fire!

Question: should I have ordered longer crank arms (150 or even 165) to begin with? (I have long legs) … and then bring the length down when I’m up and running? Or should I stick with it and slowly chip away at this inability? I didn’t expect this much trouble.

Thanks for your advice

If you were accustomed to riding a 29’r with 165 cranks, then just switching to 137s (even on your 29) would have been a big transition. You might want to swap cranks between the 29 and 36 for a bit until you get used to the larger wheel size, then swap them back when you feel more comfortable. 165s are pretty long, you shouldn’t have much problem riding the 36’r with them.
Good luck!

I too have a NF and am the same age. I ran into the same issues too. Check how long your leg is extending. You may have to gradually raise the seat. I say gradually so you can gain confidence, maintain control, and still have fun! You will adjust to the 138’s. What I have been doing is instead of going on mileage rides all the time is I will just practice mounting and doing figure 8’s. It help with the confidence part for me. Hope this helps.

Nightfox first ride

Had to post my similar experience with the stock 138 cranks on my new Nightfox. I, too, felt very awkward with the 138 cranks- but then, riding a 36er for the first time is a pretty strange experience.
After my first death defying trip around the block on the 138s, I decided that I needed to limit my variables- I immediately swapped to my Fusion 165 cranks, and it rode like a champ. Control increased tenfold for my neophyte 36" skills. One month after my first ride, I am riding an hour a day- and I STILL like the 165s (disclaimer: I live in Colorado Springs, and there isn’t a lot of flat terrain here). I ride 165s on my 26" muni, too- and feel like I can go anywhere with the longer cranks.
Now…maybe that sounds like unicycle heresy (I sense that here is a lot of talk on this site about “advancing” to shorter cranks as your skill levels increase)- but I think that any aid to getting out there and riding is worth considering. The 36" Nightfox is the most fun- and most challenging- uni I have ridden. But your skills will improve as you gain riding time- and any trick that gets you into the saddle is worthy of consideration! Just my two cents- good luck with your NF!

I’d stick with it. I learned to ride my 36er (a Titan at the time) on 114’s. It felt weird but after a quick half mile or so trip, it felt fairly natural.


Thank you for your comments.

I’ll play around with swapping the cranks around so I can get the feel of the 165s on the NF - that should be very interesting… as will the 138s on my 29". Fun stuff :slight_smile: Probably will go back at some point - or maybe even mix it up and spend the $65. for a set of 150s. Perhaps it’d be beneficial to incrementally shorten the cranks. Seems like 138 to 165 is quite a huge leap.

BTW - I took the handle and brake off of the NF. I can’t imagine needing to worry about those things for a while yet! :slight_smile:


Does anybody know if the coker crank arms

will fit on my NightFox?


No, the Nightfox is fitted with an (i.s.i.s.) splined hub and will only take (i.s.i.s.) cranks.

If you’re just looking for a cheap set of 150s to try out, here you go:

You can also pick up used sets reasonably priced from the “Trading Post” section of this forum. I have a bunch of cheap sets that I’ve picked up to try different lengths. They’re handy because you don’t really know how you’ll like a particular length until you ride it. (Multiple-hole cranks are also an option.) Then buy a better set when you know what you like.


These look perfect. Thanks a lot!