Night Sessions

Okay peeps this thread is for people that has ever tried flip tricks or anything techy at night. I did me a lil session after i got off work and it was dark but the street lights and the buildings made it so it wasnt pitch black, i started off with flipping down a 4 set and i slipped horribly bad and it just went on from there. haha by the end of the night i had a broken handle and ended up limping home.

So does anyone do night sessions with flips and spins?

I do but usually it’s pretty well lit. I find that if I ride on the street I’m really inconsistent, but on my deck with lots of lights etc I’m usually fine.

Night sessions… They’re fun until you try the first trick and get owned :roll_eyes:
Then you do it again
And again

But, theyre awesome with mates!

Ya my session went pretty well except that my little brother decided to spray our flood light with a hose and naturally the burning hot light getting hit by cold water exploded into a million pieces. My session ended there. :roll_eyes:

I did:) But not too much flipping and tech tricks. I remeber that it was way harder to do 180 flips at 1:00 AM than 1:00 PM:p

I love night riding though:)

In the winter it gets dark around 17h…
And my friend and I unicycle a lot in the winter around 20h… so it is almost always dark ^^
I did a lot of thing for the first time in darkness…
crankflip long 5set; hopping 5set, long 6set,… ; 5set handrail, some teck trial lines, 220cm drop,…
everything except skinies ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

Night Sess are THE SHIT. If you are not alone and you ride at a spot that there’s enough light, it’s totally the shit :slight_smile: So much fun.

I used to learn EVERYTHING at night, i did my first 360s, 540s, and flips in the dark haha :stuck_out_tongue:

i love night sessions to but im not doing any flips at night, haha i need to see my unicycle. Im not as ninja as you guys are

I don’t do much of them either but I do them :slight_smile: Here’s a video of a night ride (from 10 PM to 6 AM) we did this summer…

thats an awesome looking skatepark!!!

and they actually have lights :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

only until midnight! :frowning: That was shot maybe at 23h30- 23h45, the light shut down at midnight, every shouted out ‘boooohhh!!!’ and left :stuck_out_tongue: (There was alot of people because there is fireworks every saturday of the summer in Montréal and people go watch them on a bridge just near that skatepark)

haha man what a bummer about the lights, at least you get to ride with all your buddies. Theres just me that i ride with now and it gets pretty lonely at times :sunglasses:

oh I also ride alone in the night, don’t worry :wink: That was just once.