Night Sess '06 Video


What’s up everyone? Here’s the night sess footage that I promised over a week ago. Sorry. It’s worth it though. lol. Enjoy.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. The song is only partially censored, I apologize.

Yep, definately worth it.
Very nice video, again. :slight_smile:

you always got the best videos

duno which one i prefer, i loved the grind bench to bench that was dirty,
doesnt look like any ones realised you’ve posted this yet lol, keep it up

I don’t think i’ve ever seen an uphill grind that was nice, over allk sweet vid. whats with the old lady at the end?

Awesome video man. Good job.


grinding like this dont fuck the cranks ??

they just scratch the cranks a bit, nothing bad.

Very entertaining to watch! Crankflips into grinds are sweet, now you gotta try a sex change into a backwards grind. You would be my hero.


woooo nice video, man you rock

I dunno if it’s my computer, but the beginning was really dark…I couldn’t tell what was going on too well, so I stopped watching.


its pretty sweet, but theres not much variety, the tricks are all the same(not that I can do them), and the places are all the same
that is a pretty big hop @ the end … over the handrail

Wheres your video??? Thats what i thought. Shut up, Shauns the man!

Shaun that was kickin man. If it means more footy like this then you can take as long as you please. Keep em commin.

I liked it, but it was sorta dark.

Looked like a fun grind place with the benches, I liked the right to left grind, or whatever you want to call it.

Awsome vid guys! Hey, did anyone else catch the nod to the movie, the “Blair witch project”? That was pretty funny! :smiley:

I agree with Skrobo, the tricks are awesome, and I can’t do them so props to you for doing them Shaun, I mean you’re obviously the best. But seeing the same tricks in the vids all the time, it’s getting a little tiresome. Maybe just take it to the next level and do them down stuff that’s totally mental…push that edge a little bit more.

It used to be like holy s**t, a ______flip, that’s awesome!

But now it’s kinda like hey, look another 180 flip, or 180 double…yay…

It’s more than mental. I’ve done big enough sets to understand that it’s not mental. When you don’t have your feet on the pedals either twisting or spinning and your looking down 5 or 6 stairs it becomes a must do, and the jump at the beginning sets yoruself up for the whole trick. It’s more than just mental.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. I know it’s dark, most of the footage was either at midnight or one in the morning.

Haha, I should probably correct myself in that post…but by mental I didn’t mean in thinking terms…Mental over here is another way of saying ‘totally unbelievably sick & extreme’, if you will.