Night Rides

Does everybody do night rides? How often? I average 2-3/month. Tell me about your night rides

I do night rides almost every single night. Its not at all uncommon for be to be out riding around 10pm-2am. I have a writeup of one particularly eventful ride here: Risky Business: The redneck, the SIF hop and the bouncer. (mild profanity)

A few weeks ago, after a uni practice session, I went to have some drinks with a friend. Things wound up about 4am, which is in the middle of the short window where public transport stops around here. Since I had my uni with me, I decided to ride the 7kms home through Berlin.

The highlight was riding past a nightclub and freaking out the people who were milling around outside.


I night ride a lot (especially since my two days off are right together now). Its nice also because its usually cooler outside and when I’m out riding (usually 11pm-1am ish) there’s a lot less going on outside. Just make sure you wear something visible and have a light on your cycle if you’re riding where you’ll be seeing cars.

me and 2 friends had a night session like 3-4 weeks ago, it was so awesome. we had around 15 pallets, and filmed alot in front of a grafitti wall.

i regularly take night rides out of town onto a little path that leads to the river…

its a very easy muni path and is only any fun at night…

kinda smelly during the daytime …

I always used to ride trials at night, as it was the only practical time to use the street furniture I wanted to ride on.

I have recently started night rides.
I find them very peaceful as there is not many people about, and those who are tend to keep to themself.
The first time i decided to wear 2 t-shirts and a jumper… lets just say you seem to warm up quicker at night… this ride ended in a VERY sweaty me!
I recommend night rides, i will be making them possibly a nightly thing:)

I rode in the 24 hour Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous race with some other guys from the forum a few weeks ago and did my first “blind” muni ride there. The headlamp I was using crapped out and I had to hold a flashlight on the trail. It’s a surreal experience cycling through a short tunnel of light down, over, and around shadows that never really give up the tilt of the terrain. A fresh bulb and extra batteries are a good idea.

I do quite a bit of night riding in the winter when it’s dark coming home from work, but otherwise it’s limited to one or two laps of a 24 hr race. Some people really enjoy night riding (and it can be a pretty sureal experience), but I’m not really a great fan - I’ll ride in the dark if necessary but I don’t tend to go out riding at night for fun.


I have ocasionly, there cool because nobody shouts at you :roll_eyes: . But my light is only 1 led so I can’t see the curbs comming up! this results in alot of upds.

i do lots of muni night rides. i’ll start out in the evening and before i know it, it’ll be dark. they’re fun.

do you have a light?

I ride almost only at night. It is much cooler out and the day star can’t burn you if you can’t see it.

me and my friend went on one and we messed with a statue and he fell off some recycle bins cuse he was jumping on them and there was a lot of glass on the ground…and we were trying to jump off of an electric box but our tires kept getting stuck in the ground…
no one kicks you out of places on night rides…
we get on top of buildings and walk around, none of them are safe enough to ride on…

i like to ride at night it’s fun I just got my 20" fixed i may go for a night ride tonight…

no but i know the trails well enough to know where to go.
they’re right behind my house and i ride them every day.

I used to ride all the time at night, just practising near my house. i have done a muni night ride which was really fun because you have very limited vision so you really have to concentrate all the time:D

im about to go on a street/ trials night ride. should be fun i hope!!:D:D

Recently while camping in a nature preserve, I went out for a ride in the late afternoon and totally forgot the time. I was soon surrounded by total darkness trying to get back to my campsite. (no light or reflectors). The road I was on closes to automobile traffic at sundown so I was fairly sure I wouldn’t have any problems with oncoming traffic. Still I made just enough noise the entire 3.5 miles to be sure to give warning to anyone who might be riding or walking in the dark. But was quiet enough to be able to hear scurrying armadillos and who knows what all around me in the woods.

Until that night I hadn’t realized how much I depend on sight and depth perception to keep my balance and also to freemount. It was really hard and at times nearly impossible to keep going in certain parts especially where the trees were thick on both sides of the road creating a “tunnel” that blocked out the stars. Small changes in the road nearly freaked me out… like changes in color of the road due to oil stains? smooth repaired patches? It felt ridiculous to brace myself for a bump or UPD only to realize that the large blob in front of me was just the road… I had a blast and eventually made it back safely. Needless to say I was so pumped up all I wanted to do was go out and ride some more. :slight_smile:

A week later the same “miscalculation” happened while cycling on the beach at a state park. One minute I’m riding along the packed sand watching seagulls and pelicans fly over the dunes then the next moment I was in darkness listening to the waves crashing next to me with stars overhead. Since it was a state park, there were no lights whatsoever to mark the boardwalk that would have taken me back to civilization (can’t confuse the turtles with artificial lights you know)… Me next to the waves… the boardwalk somewhere back up toward the dunes. I had enough starlight reflecting off the water to keep me out of the ocean but not enough to illuminate the dunes where the boardwalk would be. I kept looking for a street light or something not realizing that there wouldn’t be one. Well, by the time I realized this I had gone waaaaaay past the boardwalk. I made my way back tripping and pushing the uni through thick soft sand. Carefully walking up against the dunes so as not to pass the boardwalk again. I was totally exhausted but very very pleased to finally find that hunk of stairs!

I think I should pack a light next time I set out anytime near sundown. Then again, I absolutely loved riding in the dark even though it was a bit scary both times. The sun will be down totally in a few minutes . Should I gear up? :stuck_out_tongue: