Night Rider

Sorry to wake this thread, but I wanted to say that I love the lights you used! I’ve recently bought a bicycle, and I think I want to decorate it. So that’s why I’m searching for different styles and reading forums. Unfortunately, the unicycle is not for me. I like the most traditional stuff. What kind of lights do you suggest I use? I want to go on a trip by myself, and the road is very long. I think it’s gonna take days and some long nights to get to the point I chose. Also, I thought about decorating my helmet with some neon paint, just to make sure I’m gonna be visible. I did this for Burning Man with amazon night light, and it worked wonders.

Welcome to the forum @UnaAnderson !

For the choice of light, you should ask yourself:

  1. How long will you be using it before you are able to recharge or replace batteries?
  2. How dark will be the area vs the type of riding (road vs track vs rocky ride) ?
  3. How much traffic will there be (car or other things) and how much you safety depends on being seen and how far away ?

It is a wise move to use secondary sources like reflective paint and materials in general.
Nowadays, you can find noname lights front and rear that pack a reasonable punch. You can check how bright they are by the value in lumens on the package.

I usually prefer having them on me (front light on helmet and rear attached to the backpack) to make sure they are 100% visible and at human/driver height :wink: