Night Rider

Looking for ways to become more noticed out there when it gets dark. I’ve come across the Nite Spoke-it and some other valve-stem-screw-on type LED light for night/dusk riding. Reviews at Amazon are all over the place. Wondered if there were any thoughts. Best thing might be to just get some reflective clothing…

EL wire !! :sunglasses:

I’ll be getting me 2x3m to put on Beast, hopefully tomorrow when I get paid :wink:

There’s other vids on YouTube, one is called the tron bike.

that looks pretty cool, nice simple solution.

Check out ‘chasing EL wire’
£20 for 3m, including battery box :slight_smile:

I use one of these:
and think it’s a good product.
I also have a small LED headlight and LED tail light. But I avoid riding in the dark, if I can help it.

Check out ‘chasing EL wire’
£20 for 3m, including battery box :slight_smile:

I’ve got some Christmas that are… vaguely similar to this, except they have little lights on them as opposed to one long neon strip. Could be a cheap solution, as they were from a pound shop :smiley:

Met a guy at Blackpool who laced the Christmas lights into his spokes like your neon thingy and it looked pretty cool. Not sure how long the batteries last though…



What kind of battery life do you get out of that Spoke-Lit?

They run a pair of the 2016 watch batteries, and the life depends on which mode you use – solid on or flashing. My wife uses solid on on her bicycle, and the batteries lasted probably about 10 hours total. I use flashing mode on mine, and I’m still on the original batteries. I got a few of those cheap 10-on-a-card ebay battery specials, so I don’t worry too much about battery life. My head and tail lights have re-chargeable batteries, but I haven’t seen that on these spoke-mounted numbers. They do make you stand out in the dark, I’ll say that! More so than the head and tail lights. The movement really gets you noticed. That’s a good thing when it’s dark. Cheers!

That’s mostly what stops me buying crazy flashy things for the uni/bike. I just don’t want to end up with a drawer full of batteries, trying to figure out which ones are working and stuff. My regular front/back lights take AA’s so they’ve got rechargables in, and my eBay special Cree light has its own battery pack to charge.

Just checked, my Christmas lights take AA’s too… Must resist creating a masterpiece… :sunglasses:

3M spoke reflectors…

… these just snap onto the spokes. No batteries required.


My EL Wire was ordered this morning, and should arrive tomorrow :sunglasses:

I will upload pics n vids once its on.

My EL wire arrived today! :sunglasses:
The pics below are of it just chucked on, so I can go for a ride this evening. I will be putting it on a lot neater, when I have the time…

Now you have a massive green wheel! Oh wait… :wink:

My next step is the chasing EL wire, in blue :wink:

I’m getting the 3 way splitter box, with 3 lengths of 1m. I’m gonna run a metre up n down both forks and another along the handlebar stem and front.

Here’s my unicycle decked out in EL wire.
This was done for “Ride the Lights” along Blackpool prom a few years ago :slight_smile: I had EL wire threaded in my spokes, down the side of my trousers, across the back of my ruckie and round my helmet.


Tron on a unicycle :sunglasses: absolutely awesome! :smiley:

Nice Alucard! :sunglasses:
I was wondering if anyone, other than the example I posted, had used EL wire on their uni. Now I know! :smiley: