night rider color, why only black?

how come only sells the night rider in black? i’ve seen them in other colors but they don’t have them on their website :thinking:

different years. Some years only have one color.

Call and ask, they may have an older frame laying around (not that an older one is any different than a new one other than color.)

also, you can get a frame powder coated for about 50 bucks to whatever color your heart desires.

Night Rider is supposed to be black. But how much for the little red light that goes side to side while you ride it? :stuck_out_tongue:

where would u get it powder coatded for 50 bux?

i was about to buy a seafoam green one, and it went out of stock. had to settle for a black. after that, they were just completely removed from the site.

either they’re out of stock for a while, or just not made anymore.

i still luv the black though.

About $15. :smiley:

local painter, you’ll have to look a few up.

be tactful, tell them it’s small, and you can wait until they have a batch ready for something larger (something in a color you like) they’ll cut you a little slack on the price if they can do it with what they already have made up. If they don’t, go elsewhere.