Night Ride

A quick edit of the latest ride into Adelaide (more like RADelaide - amiright?) :stuck_out_tongue: A few new tricks and stuff but basically we just had fun… :smiley:

Nice vid man! I also enjoy riding at night, no cars or ‘normal’ people about :smiley:

music fit better in kevin’s vid but not bad riding :slight_smile:

Name of song? I’m lazy. Cool vid I liked it.

nice editing jock but i want to know what happend to my coasting :confused:
the songs Bang bang by knaan i think???

thanks for the comments guys

Nice, I liked the editing and filming a lot! The riding was also really good.

thanks guys for all the feedback :smiley:
and, yes, the song is bang bang by k’naan…

Sorry guys, but my heart lies with Kevin’s NYC Unifest video that used this song :stuck_out_tongue:

Still some nice riding. Keep it up, I enjoyed watching this!

i dont think i’ve seen kevin’s video yet but if i knew he used the song, i woulda chose a different one… :wink:

hey jock check it out we stole this song