Night Ride: Hamilton (Waterdown) July 15th

This is not a filming ride, just an excellent night ride on perhaps my favourite trails (although I have only been once) with whomever wants to come out.

Who’s in?

The place is Waterdown trails in hamilton ontario, exact meeting place recommendations are needed please.

July 15th, the sunsets at 8:56

We should meet somewhere at about 8 I figure, to set up for the ride, and shoot the breeze before hand, leaving a fair size window before the ride starts for slow travellers.

let’s go for a 90 minute ride leaving at 9.

criteria: you need a light and a muni (if you can ride trials off road, that would also work)

The terrain is technical in spots, and hilly in it’s entirety. we have come across man made stunts that are rideable at night as well

1)Brian MacKenzie
2)Shamus Rask

Id love to but i cant…i dont have a Muni nor am i very good at offroading, hope you have fun though!


Can’t you organize something near montreal? :frowning:

just kidding…

i would, but i don’t care for anyone from that area…they just keep showing up at things I schedule

I tought you love owen… oooh love !

Sorry for the thread jack…But im planning a trip through Ottawa, Quebec City, and Montreal in the summer to ride with some of the guys(I hope) so ill probly be able to hook up for a ride:)

End of Thread Jack


so cool !!!

tell me when you will be in montreal !

i love you !

I’m in (tentatively). As long as nothing major comes up before then. If I travelled out that way on Friday, could I stay at your place Brian?