Night MUni ride, Hamilton, On. Friday May 7th

For anyone interested in coming out for a group night MUni ride in Hamilton, Ontario on May 7th…the more the merrier!

We will be starting at roughly 8:45 pm and going for about 2 hours, along the escarpment.

We will meet at the Tim Horton’s parking lot.

Take the Aberdeen exit from the 403 and drive till you see the Tim Horton’s…you will be traveling SE on Aberdeen.

Roll Call:

Brian M
Richard A
Shamus R

Jason M

Sounds good man, never done one before. Do you use head-lights or rig something up on the seat pin? I’ll try and get some of the guys to come. See you friday.

Helmet lights are the best…however, with so many of us gonna be there, you might only need a rigged up light of some sort, due to all the ambient light.

However, this would be a great opportunity to buy one!